B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/3/17

President: Dru-Kara
Monarch/Secretary: Kate
Treasurer: Mossy
Prime Minister: Styxx
Populace: Shayleigh

Call to order: 11:46am MDT

PV Corpora: The board determined that discussion for the proposed corpora will be taken article by article at future BoD meetings. Next meeting will be articles I & II (they are relatively small).

Santa Fe Chapter: Confederation discussed and declined. Shared feasts were acceptable if expenses were shared.

Feast Report: Net -$20. Least negative feast we’ve had in quite a while.

Los Lunas Chapter: Minimal information available, further investigation will be done.

Event Sponsorship: Dru-Kara wishes to promote the mass attendance of PV at inter-kingdom events. To that end special fund raising events are proposed. Rakis, Clan, and Harvest War were discussed as sponsor-able events. Harvest War removed from the list as it is our own event and our main fund raiser. Carpool incentives are under discussion as is the rental of a U-Haul trailer. Determination to limit any sponsorships to dues paid members was made.

Treasurer’s Report: $1277.32 in the bank and about $200 in the cash box. Approximately $1500 total. Storage unit costs $39/mo.

State Corporate Status: Not enough information to move.

501c3 Status (Educational Group): May not qualify, but not enough information to move.

Tabard/Tunic Design Contest: Will be held at Dragonmaster. All entries must be in PV colors (White/Blue) entries can (should) also be enter into the Dragonmaster (as garb or rose). All entries are to be donated to PV. The purpose is to promote PV visibility at inter-kingdom events.

Shayleigh voted in as BoD Alternate.

Adjourned at 12:36pm MDT

Kate Ghanston
BoD Secretary

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