Decordene Wireworks

Supplier: Decordene Wireworks
Order Placed: November 28th, 2002
Payment Rendered: November 29th, 2002
Payment Method: Paypal
Order Contents:

  • 1lb 316LSI Stainless Rings 18 Guage 3/16" ID
  • 1lb 316LSI Stainless Rings 18 Guage 1/4" ID
  • 2lbs Bulk Stainless Wire 18 Guage

Price: $57.45
Order Recieved: March 1st, 2003

Ordering was mostly painless. Mr. Gragg was friendly and helpful in regards to ring selection. However, he did seem to have problems with simple math that evening, the first price quote being incorrect by almost $10 (in the buyer's favor, but incorect non-the-less). The real difficulty came in the payment phase. In his initial e-mail (and on the website) Mr. Gragg had said that I would recieve a confirmation/payment request from him for paying by Paypal. After correcting his first balance, his business manner was loose and friendly but made it difficult to tell whether I was recieving a final price or an estimate, and there was little indication of what elements of my order could/could not be filled.

This is where DC Wireworks fell very short in my opinion. The estimate on all loose ring orders is 30 days from reciept of payment. I, admittedly, ordered late in the year (payment rendered November 29) and expected some small (2 weeks or so) delay as a result. After a full month, I e-mailed requestin an ETA and was told that Mr. Gragg was "going out of town" and that my order would be "top priority" when he returned. 3 months after my payment cleared, I finally recieved my rings.

Not much to say here. E-mail concerning the initial order was loose and friendly. ETA request was handled in a rather curt manner. The lack of notification that the order had been shipped was a little dissappointing (as I was about to send another, less accepting e-mail on the same day my order was delivered)

There was alot to be desired here as well. Basically the rings were stored in cheap plastic baggies and cross taped with masking tape. As a result, the smaller rings burst thier baggie open and were rattlling loose in the box (to quote the mailman "I hope it's supposed to make that sound"). The only padding to avoid such a situation was a single handful of packing peanuts and the bulk wire spool. No invoice was included and nothing was labeled, which could be a problem when ordering much smaller rings or different metals in similar sizes.

The wire is quality. The wrapping was very good, no oval rings or oddball bumps. The cutting, however, is very inconsistent. Some rings have beautiful cuts that match up well, some are only so-so, and a rare few (1 in 30 or so) are nearly unusable. A few rings also had to be separated, as they arrived in what appears to be someone's failed attempt at a full persian weave (the ring closure is too good to be random chance); Gotta love boredom in the workplace.

The price was unbeatable, since I had been quoted much more for raw wire. The selection was also fairly impressive. The delay and sparse communication on thier end, however, makes me a little uncertain of whether or not I will consider using DC Wireworks again for ring orders.

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Editors Note:

It looks like they may have gone out of business last year and there are many similar stories on the web like this one.

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