Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction by Brian Price

Brian R. Price's Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction: The 14th Century (often referred to just as ToMAR) is the book most professional armourers often refer to as the "Armourer's Bible". Though it only covers the 14th Century, it is a more complete reference on the subject than any other.

Section One is dedicated to the armourers themselves ranging from a brief history of armourers and their art up to a listing of well known modern armourers and their fields of expertise.

Section Two covers tools and materials, their selection, and some tips on aquisition.

Sections Three and Four are the real "meat" of the book covering the entire range of techniques and then moving on to a series of projects designed to familiarize the reader with the techniques. Not only were the projects useful for practicing the necessary skills, but also present enough material to completely armour an individual in a period correct, SCA legal kit.

The book only has two flaws. One is that it is published by Paladin Press, who's other material (extremist survival manuals, books on revenge, "action" careers, etc.) makes them objectional to public libraries and many chain bookstores so one pretty much has to order it and borrowing is damn near out of the question (I don't loan mine out, I can't blame anyone else for not loaning it either). The other is the hefty price tag. At $79.95, the book is pretty far overpriced for the hobbyist (after all, one can buy a knockoff throatless shear for ten more bucks). On the upside, often runs package deals with ToMAR and getting a second book for only a dollar or two more makes it a little easier on the wallet.

Basically, if you have the money to spare or want to avoid the long process of trial and error, buy it, you won't regret it.

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