Central Forge 15lb Anvil

I bought this little anvil as an afterthought. It turned out to be a better investment than I originally thought, but there are far better anvils out there for only a little more money.

The Pros

  • Good weight distribution. I was able to use it for leatherworking and some light steel without needing to mount it.
  • Well formed horn. It lacks the molding flash that many cast iron
  • It has a hardie hole, many of the smaller anvils lack this feature

The Cons

  • "Milled surface" is a real pain. It marks up everything and has shown no discernable advantages in my forge work (actually it leaves annoying tool marks in some of my work).
  • The hardie hole arrived chipped all around its opening. Not a big deal really, but kind of annoying on a brand new tool.

Since this anvil was practically free (I used the shipping money that had been budgeted in for my shear) it was definitely worth what I paid for it, and it makes a much more worthwhile alternative to the small leatherworker anvils The Leather Factory sells. However, I would never just drop the cost and shipping to purchase one of these in the future unless I found a much better use for it.

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