Rules Changes 2016

Some updates to the rules that were passed at the Circle of Monarchs meeting. Errata sheets and new rules should be available soon.

As a reminder, since it is past 30 days from the COM meeting, the following Rules changes are fully in effect:

2015 Playtest changes that are now official:

• Changes to Brutal Strike
1.a Make Cursed Permanent: “E: Victim is Cursed. Victim is also Suppressed for 30 seconds.”
1.b Change Brutal Strike in the ability block of Barbarian and Anti Paladin from “(m)” to “(ex).”

• Removing Shield Shape Limitations
6.a Delete Item 10 and renumber other items appropriately.
(This removes the 2' shield width restriction)

• Allow Peasants to use a Single Dagger or a Single Short

Non-playtest changes that are now in effect:

• Change garb entries to make clear garb is always required to play a class.
Replace each class’s garb entry with: “Garb: medieval/sword and sorcery looking garb and X”, with X being the current entry.

• Add reserved symbols for all Masterhoods.
Add the following as restricted symbols under the Masters section on page 3:
Rose: Gold phoenix on white background
Smith: Gold phoenix on grey background
Lion: Gold phoenix on purple background
Owl: Gold phoenix on brown background
Dragon: Gold phoenix on green background
Garber: Gold phoenix on blue background
Warrior: Gold phoenix on red background

• Require announcing the end of certain states
Add the following to the “States Defined” section on page 51:
“If a State which prevented a player from moving expires due to its duration ending, the player it affected must declare, “No longer [State that ended]”. This must be audible out to 20 feet.

In addition; When returning to life from Respawn, the player must count down the last 5 seconds of their Respawn timer. This must be audible out to 20 feet.

• Remove Strip requirement from COP
Pg. 55 - Circle of Protection - Remove Enchantment Strip requirement.

- Elder Vermilion


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