Meetup and Northern New Mexico

Greetings from Tal Dagore.

I have a paid Meetup account for the local groups up here, but it comes with 2 extra Meetups so I've set one up for Northern New Mexico. If you haven't used Meetup before, it's a tool for discovering groups of people in your area with similar interests and meeting them to do things. The New Mexico Amtgard meetup is located at:

I've invited a few people on to the group to get things setup, but what makes this really work is getting everyone involved. I need a few things from everyone. It's just a little bit of work, but it is important for attracting more people online.

  1. RSVP to meetings that you are going to go to anyway. New people seeing that there are 10-30 people already going makes it much more friendly than it looking like only one other person will be there.
  2. Post a photo of what happened that week. People that are on the fence about going or not need the extra touches. Even if only a couple people do this each week, it is a huge benefit.
  3. Answer questions from new/prospective players.

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