Althing Minutes 11/8/14

Previous to the althing, Guildmaster of Reeves Shadydeal and Ducal Chancellor Blaze resigned.

  1. All present dues-paid members of the reeve's guild were asked if any of them wished to be the new Guildmaster of Reeves. Balder volunteered and there were no objections from the guild. Balder will be our new protem Guildmaster of Reeves for the reign.
  2. Prime Minister/chancellor elections were to be on the 13th of December. A motion was put forward to the Althing to skip voting in a protem chancellor and to just extend the next term of office so that it begins a few weeks earlier than normal. The motion passed.
  3. GMR Balder will be running elections for chancellor on November 22nd, 3 weeks earlier than normal. Last day to pay dues and declare will be November 15th, next week. (Note: after the althing, board of directors treasurer Styxx has volunteered to collect dues.)
  4. Weaponmaster and Dragonmaster will still be on their already scheduled date of November 22nd.
  5. Two awards were relayed from the United Federation of Planets and the command crew of the USS Dragonspine. An order of the lion to Shadowcaster for his dedication while duke of Pegasus Valley and an order of the rose to Kierra for her efforts in the arena at the Renaissance fair in Las Cruces last weekend.
  6. Albuquerque Comicon is coming on Jan 9-11. Amatiel wants to get our demo equipment improved and make sure that we have lots of nice stuff to show off at the table. A lot of our current players have been recruited from these sorts of events so we need a good-looking presence. There is also an effort started to build a modular arena similar to what Dragonspine has been using.
  7. There is a Greatsword Tournament November 15th. It will be a slashing only tournament and the swords are being supplied by Champion Belthil.
  8. Wyrmspire (Santa Fe) is starting their new reign November 9th and invited people down to play. Anatole offered rides for people that can make it to the train station.
  9. Some people are driving to Stormfall Mesa November 9th to visit. Organization will be via Facebook group.
  10. Bai Fhu brought up the need for better conflict resolution due to the recent blow-up on Facebook. It was agreed that these sorts of things should be handled better, but no real solution was put forward.
    It is important that even if you don't like someone, at least be civil towards them. It's the only way a large group of diverse people like this can actually work and allow everyone to enjoy playing this game.

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