Evacuation Order

Fellow citizens and other residents of Pegasus Valley,

Our golem drones have found a large force of goblins preparing to attack. There is no way that we can defeat this horde and their newly acquired magics. Even with our fortifications around the capitol, all would be lost. I am issuing the order to evacuate the area.

Grab your valuables, magics, and weapons and leave immediately. We cannot afford any more loss of life or resources. There will be no help offered by the Duchy for those that stay behind.

For those that are able bodied or magically inclined, destroy all barricades, doors, and fortifications that you can. The tunnel to the archives and armory have already been collapsed.

All are to assemble at the fortified wall south of Gryphon’s Aerie to take stock of who is still alive and what resources we still possess. Prince Randall has had the forts there secured by Dragonspine’s guard, so they should be relatively safe. If you are a mason, please report to the westernmost fort to administer repairs as it has suffered some damage during the action.

Once the census has taken place, food will be rationed out to all. Food is already scarce and without the manpower to harvest our already weak crops, this winter is looking more dangerous than the horde that preceded it. If you are hiding or stockpiling food, you will be killed.

If we have enough combatants left alive, especially those skilled in infiltration, we shall use the chaos of this attack for one last-ditch mission.

- Legate Glenalth, Defender of the Black Dragon


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