Into The Lair

Xantcha has translated this captured message:

"Ogga angry!
Ogga want bone people from pink skins!
Get bone people from pink skins!
Ogga want doomstaff.
Get staff from cygl'ghax's eyes before pink skins."

This brings us a number of difficult problems. We cannot allow the goblins to capture the Doomstaff and it's magics, nor can we allow the goblins to capture the control circlets that we fought so hard to acquire. This is compounded by our losses early in the campaign; we cannot field the numbers to fight the goblins on multiple fronts. Instead we shall be going in force to capture the Doomstaff with control circlets and skeletons in tow.

The location of Cygl'ghax's lair is known to be a cave system between Pegasus Valley and Gryphon's Aerie. Scouts have been dispatched to find the exact location for a surprise assault on the lair before the goblins can locate it and before Cygl'ghax can dig in even deeper. Let us hope that we can retrieve the staff without directly facing the mad eye tyrant, Cygl'ghax. The losses suffered by such an encounter may be more than we can bear.

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