Salt Wars (Midway, UT)


In Arthur's final battle with Mordred, both were fatally wounded, but before either died, Morgan le Fay, the Lady of the Lake and 2 other queens led Arthur to Avalon to rest and recover, to watch over his beloved Britons and to prepare for the future when he would be needed again. The cult of Mordred also saved their lord's body and carefully helped him recover and regain strength, waiting for the day when he could take Arthur's throne and subdue the unconquerable British.

Arthur watched as his country was raped and pillaged by Jutes, Angles and finally, the Saxons, but still Mordred was not able to take control.

The Normans came and took his throne, but Mordred underestimated William the Conquerer, Richard the Lionheart and even John Lackland.

The Plantagenets, the Lancasters, the Yorks, the Tudors, the Stuarts, the Hanovers and finally the Windsors all safeguarded Arthur's throne and his people from Mordred. Some were good monarchs, impervious to the cult's temptations and enchantments and some were blood thirsty and hungry for power. The cult of Mordred enchanted many of the British monarchs into evil acts, from Edward Longshanks and his lust to conquer all of the Isles and mow down any who stood before him to Mary Tudor and her desire to purify all England from heretics through bloodshed. Each time, the monarch died before accomplishing the ultimate goal of subduing all of the isles to bend the knee before them so Mordred could reach his goal. Morgan and Merlin saw to that. The unconquerable British would not be completely subdued and so Arthur was not needed. He watched, and waited and prepared.

1500 years have passed, and the last of the Windsors is dying without an apparent heir to take the stewardship of the British people. The cult of Mordred has set up 5 different potential heirs to attempt to take control of the throne. No claimant is worthy. The English court is thick with intrigue and betrayal. Can Morgan, Merlin and their followers save Britain again?

Salt Wars is May 29th - June 1st, 2014

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Soldier Hollow Resort
2002 Olympic Drive, Midway, Utah 84049

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