Sword Knight Boot Camp (SLC, UT)


What: Sword Knight Boot Camp
Where: Camp Williams in Salt Lake City, UT
When: August 28-31
Who: All medieval combat fighters looking to improve their game
Why: Learn new and improve existing combat skills
Cost: TBA. Likely about $25-30 This will include all meals

SKBC is an opportunity to attend a weekend event that is solely focused on martial skill and technique.
Friday and Saturday will be broken up into a number of classes ranging from things like body mechanics, single sword, sword and board, pole arm etc. There will be dedicated time to practice and apply these new skills.

It does not matter what kind of sword fighting game you participate in, or what your skill level is. This is all about learning and improving your technique. Classes will be offered for the rank newbie and the skilled vet alike. This is an epic opportunity for our region as SKBC will not be in this vicinity again for a while. Take advantage of this unique chance to learn and become a better fighter.

This will take place on a military base so there are bunks, showers, bathrooms and dining facility.
Be sure to bring your ID as they will ask for it upon entrance to the base.

Additional Event Info

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