Winter 2014 CQ War Results

PV!!! Today's tournaments were great!!
Had an awesome yet frigid time today but I feel it was all worth it.
I'd like to commend the fighters for all their hard work and honour.

Single short-
1) Shadowcaster
2) White Wolf
3) Balder
1) Belthil
2) Shadowcaster
3) Alexander
Sword & Board-
1) Shadowcaster
2) Belthil
3) Jak
1) White Wolf
2) Belthil
3) Shadowcaster
DS Open
1) Belthil
2) White Wolf
3) Amatiel
1) Shadowcaster
2) White Wolf
3) Belthil

The top spots today were
Third place - White Wolf with 14 points and win streaks of 3,4,7,4.
Second place - Belthil with 17 points and win streaks of 5,3,4,5,5.
First place - Shadowcaster with 19 points and win streaks of 5,5,7.

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