Crown Quals

02/01/2014 12:00 pm

Crown Quals for the 2014 Spring/Summer reign

Sign-ins open at 12:00p and close at 1:00p. Cultural and war events will be judged until completed but will likely be finished by 6:00p.

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Event Location: 

Taylor Park, Albuquerque, NM

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Cultural Event scores!

Cultural Event scores are tabulated! Thank you to everyone who braved the cold to participate in Quals, and an extra big thank you to my willing and frozen judges: Blaze, Inferno, Squirrel, and Julian.

All participants running for office met the requirement for qualifying entries. Our A&S Champion for this Quals is Glenalth with an average score of 3.8. The individual scores are as follows (sorry about the bad formatting).

Name Category Event Description Average
Balder Bardic Recitation A Poem 2.8
Balder Bardic Singing Rains of Castamere 3.7
Balder Construction Active Construction fire ball 3.3
Balder Construction Active Construction berserk strip 3.1
Balder Construction Unique Weapon fencing sword 4.0
Balder Construction Weapon flail 3.7
Balder Garbing Court Garb green and white shirt 4.1
Balder Garbing Court Garb green vest 3.5
Balder Garbing Fighting Garb Wheel tunic 3.3
Balder Garbing Garb Accessory wolf hat 3.3
Balder Garbing Garb Accessory healer sash 3.1
Balder Literature Poetry A Silly Haiku 2.0
Belthil Art 3D Art painted shield 3.7
Belthil Construction Active Construction fire ball 3.3
Belthil Construction Weapon sword 1.7
Belthil Cooking Dessert cookies 3.7
Belthil Garbing Fighting Garb tabard 3.7
Belthil Garbing Garb Accessory cowl 3.2
Glenalth Art Jewelry box chain 3.9
Glenalth Art Media Waiting 3.6
Glenalth Art Media Around the Ranch 3.5
Glenalth Bardic Recitation The Challenger 3.8
Glenalth Construction Armor helm prototype 3.7
Glenalth Cooking Condiment honey butter 3.5
Glenalth Cooking Dessert cookie bars 3.5
Glenalth Cooking Side Dish loaf of bread 3.6
Glenalth Garbing Garb Accessory leather straps 3.9
Glenalth Literature Non-Fiction helm tutorial 3.8
Mireloth Art Jewelry chainmail bracelet 4.1
Mireloth Art Jewelry chainmail necklace 4.0
Mireloth Art Jewelry pendant necklace 3.8
Mireloth Art Jewelry chainmail/bead bracelet 3.8
Mireloth Art Kit beaded bracelet 3.4
Shadowcaster Art 3D Art demo on wrap shots 3.9
Shadowcaster Bardic Recitation Haiku of Belthil 4.4
Shadowcaster Bardic Recitation Russian Ghost Story 4.0
Shadowcaster Construction Unique Weapon flail 3.2
Shadowcaster Construction Weapon long sword 3.1
Shadowcaster Cooking Condiment goblin sauce 3.8
Shadowcaster Cooking Dessert fudge 3.2
Shadowcaster Cooking Main Dish chili 3.8
Shadowcaster Cooking Side Dish chef salad 3.0
Shadowcaster Cooking Vintners green tea with mint 3.3
Shadowcaster Rose Rose shield 3.6
Styxx Art Kit dragon plate 3.4
Styxx Art Needlework kumihimo cording 3.9
Styxx Garbing Garb Accessory inkle loom weave 4.0
Tristan Willow Bardic Singing Let It Go 3.1
Tristan Willow Garbing Court Garb mermaid skirt 2.9

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