Comic Expo is coming up on June 24th thru the 26th, 2011

OK people the Comic Expo is coming up on June 24th thru the 26th. So far I have 3 people helping me with the booth and two who have promised to but have not gotten the passes yet. I would like to have two or three more people to help. This would give everybody who helps a chance to go around the expo. We also have a panel discussion scheduled for 1:00pm on Saturday June 25th right after Stan Lee. I can get a few more vendors passes at $25.00 for all three days. All I ask is that you work the booth at least 2 hours a day. You can pick the time. I will be there all three day. I have some flags and we have a banner to put up on the booth. Shayleigh and Marla have come up with some great flier for the booth. I would like to have someone make up a video to show on a laptop of portable DVD player I have. I would like Dragonspine and High Oasis to make up some flier for us to put out for them. You can send them to me by e-mail at Also Is there anyone from Dragonspine, High Oasis or Lost Souls coming up or down to the expo, and does anyone from these groups want a vendors pass for the weekend. They are $25.00 for the whole weekend. I need to know by Saturday so I can buy them and you can pay me when you get here.

This could be a very important demo for us and Amtgard as a whole, so please come.

Thank You
Duke Baron F’lar Starfire
Monarch of the Duchy of Pegasus Valley

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