Pegasus Valley Midreign and Amtgard Zombiepocalypse

Tomorrow is midreign! It's everybody's favorite apocalypse, and people will be competing versus zombies in a die-hard fight to the finish. We have multiple games, including a zombie scavenger scenario, your standard infection battle, and the "Zombie Run", a re-skinned edition of everybody's favorite Pillage Run competition. Additional themed games to follow at Active Imagination, where players will combat the zombie horde inside a doomed fortress(we are playing in an empty mall!). Feast afterwards in one of AI's theater bays; get your favorite food a la carte for good prices, and join our Duke as he celebrates Pegasus Valley surviving the end of days.

The park will start as close to 1 PM as I can manage, with a ferocious scavenger game. Players start with no equipment, and must quickly race to gather resources to combat each other and the beginning of the zombie invasion. Players work in small teams(teams accrue points across all games, and the winning team gets a special surprise at Court), starting with one life, trying to eliminate other teams while running from zombies. Shattered players are turned, and if a team is entirely shattered before the game is up, they start the next game as zombies(zombie teams still accrue points). Teams score points for resources they collect by the end of the game.

Game Two will be a standard zombie plague scenario. Players killed by zombies rise as zombies in 50 seconds unless cured, buried, resurrected, etc. A fixed amount of loot will be distributed among all players at the start of the game, and you can loot dead players for their stuff. This game features standard lives and death counts.

In the Zombie Run, players will compete on a time-trial basis to try to escape from a long corridor with supplies, while fighting off a limited amount of zombies. The best scores receive points and possibly other bonuses.

Wear your best post-apocalypse garb and receive a special bonus for the day's games. We're counting on you to save us from the army of darkness.


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