2011 Rules Clarifications

This is a reminder that preliminary clarification proposals for this year will be due by March 30th. Thus, if you have any suggestions for clarifications to run by the CoM this year, I would like you to submit them to me(Dragonspine Rules Rep) no later than March 25th, so I can compile the suggestions and meet this deadline.

RRO Medryn has placed the following guidelines for this year's submission, just to give you an idea:

"1. Clarifications must be submitted in the form of a question with a yes/no answer. For example: "can a player toss his shield to block a spellball being thrown at him?" or "may a player hold a weapon in the same hand that he is using to wield another weapon?" Each proposal should explain possible reasoning for a yes or no answer.

2. Each clarification will have three voting options: Yes, No, and Abstain/Unnecessary.

3. Clarifications will be published in the form of an Errata sheet as called for in the Rules of Play with the questions and the answers the CoM has provided. During succeeding change years, these clarifications will still be edited into the rule book."

Remember that you don't need to write the actual proposal yourself(although it might be nice if you can), just let me know of the issue you want to address. Is there something in the rulebook you think is hazy or unclear? Now's the chance to get that fixed.

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