A Coup d'√Čtat

This is a lengthy post, so bear with me. Next week I will be running a series of battlegames, worked around a single story scenario. I'd like to get as many of these in as possible, so aim to show up to the park really early; let's shoot for noon if we can.

Game 1: The Vault
It's been a long and cold six months. Now, as the end of his term draws near, Duke F'lar seems to have but a feeble grip on the Duchy. Duchess-by-succession Dru-Kara, seeing his weakness, has enlisted soldiers and mercenaries, in order to overthrow the Duke and lay her claim to the land. Having assembled a caravan, they ride to the ducal vault, holding all of the Duchy's fortunes, and knock a hole in the wall, so they may claim the riches held within and fund Dru-Kara's war campaign.

(Diagram here: http://www.pegasusvalley.com/node/1291)
The setup:
There will be two teams- the defending team of Pegasus Valley, which spawns in a barracks behind the vault, and an offensive raiding party with Dru-Kara's hand-picked warriors at its front, who spawn in the caravan of wagons in the distance. The defending party wants to burn down the wagons(placing a game-item torch inside a wagon will suffice) while defending the gold and loot in its location inside the vault. The raiding party wants to get all of the loot into one of the other chests inside one of the wagons, before all the wagons burn down. This will be a moderately fast-paced game with short death counts and such.

Game 2: The Fortress
After the raid on the vault, Dru-Kara and her forces travel South to her fortress, in a glade by the grand river. Her fortress, built by ancient forces who abandoned it long ago, is defended on all sides and in advance by towers in which archers sit poised to strike any invaders. The duchy's scouts find her party has withdrawn into the fort, and signal for the Duke's army to weed them out. Soldiers patrol the courtyard separating the outer walls from the keep. Nothing can scale the walls of the fortress(except perhaps a ladder!), and entrance through the front doors would be utter suicide. The forces of Pegasus Valley approach the fort from a distance.

(Diagram of Fort: http://www.pegasusvalley.com/node/1296)
Setup: The team defending the fort spawns inside the keep, with unlimited lives. The assailing team will spawn at a base about 150' away from the fort, with shorter death counts and limited lives. Within the fort there are three flags; one in the keep and two within the interior of the building but outside of the keep. These flags are stationary, and have a marker which tells you which team controls the flag(naturally the defending team controls all of them to begin with). As the assailing team makes their way into the building, they may capture the flag by switching the marker for their own team's color; each flag captured in this way will reset the assailing team's lives to full, and flags captured in this way may not be reset by the defending team. If the assailing team captures all three flags, they win, and if the defending team shatters out the assailing team, they win.

Additionally, behind the fort, there is a storage shed containing a ladder tall enough to scale the walls of the building(but not the keep!). A player may place the ladder on one of the exterior walls and say "climbing" x 10 to scale the wall and travel to the other side.

The fort is well-defended, and features many archer towers. Defenders may move freely into and out of the towers, while the assailing team may not. A person inside of the tower is protected from melee attacks. A person standing inside of the tower may fire projectiles and has line-of-sight to people outside of the tower, even "through walls", as they are above the walls. Similarly, a person standing inside of the tower may be struck by projectiles, magic balls, or targeted by verbal abilities, even "through walls", whereas a person who is crouching, sitting, or kneeling inside of the tower may not be affected by any of these things. Players with the "Tracking" ability may use it to enter the towers and fight with anyone inside.

Game 3: The River
Duke F'lar has ordered the immediate detention or extermination of all of Dru-Kara's rebellious forces. You have tracked what seems to be the last of her brigands as they have made their way to the grand river. Your advance party managed to board their ships and anchor them(before they were promptly killed!), leaving the ships dead-in-the-water with convenient gang-planks going from one ship to the next, leading from the shore. These fiends are still defending the ships and the stolen loot carried aboard them, and you must act quickly if you wish to recover any of the Duchy's treasury that they have taken.

(Game Diagram here: http://www.pegasusvalley.com/node/1297)
The Setup:
The defending team spawns in the ship furthest away from the shore. Aside from the shore, the ships, and the planks leading ship-to-ship, the rest of the terrain is deep water. Players entering the water may "swim" by moving on their knees, but the current is very strong(a storm is brewing!) and any person swimming for more than 10 seconds will simply drown. There is loot scattered about on the ships, and the assailing team, who spawns on the beach, will try to capture the loot and return it to their base. This will also be a fast-paced game, with short death counts, but limited lives.

Additionally, terror lurks within the gloomy waters of the river! With an evil storm brewing, evil has surfaced from the river bed, and is hungry for human blood; watch your step, lest you be eaten alive by the river monster!

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