Chasm Battlegame 1-29-11

Tomorrow, we will be having a capture-the-flag battlegame at 1:30-ish, featuring a terrifying chasm. As is the standard in Amtgard, I have prepared a horrible MSPaint diagram explaining the setup(

Players who step anywhere in the chasm are killed instantly, but teams will be provided with mobile steps(represented by hula hoops) with which to traverse this awesome terrain. You may not move a hula hoop while you are standing in it, but standing inside of one prevents the chasm from killing you, and you may of course pick up and re-place hoops that have been expended(by your team or the opposing team). There will be a 20'-ish island in the center of the chasm, which is also safe to step in.

Each team will have three flags. At the start of the round, each team will have one flag placed at their base, one at the edge of the chasm on their side of the divide, and one in the center island. The objective is to capture all three flags of the opposing team and return them to your base. When a team accomplishes this, they score a point, at which point we reset the flags and call an advance-count. The first team to three points will claim victory.

A given player may only carry one flag at a time, and you may never carry the flag of your own team. In other words, if John from the Green team picks up the Blue team's flag and runs 50' away with it before promptly dying and dropping the flag, the Blue team is unable to recover it, only a person on the Green team may pick it up and carry it. You may throw the flags but they are unlikely to go very far, and try not to hit anybody with them or the reeve will yell at you.

Players who die must go to Nirvana(the table off the field) to count out their deaths, which will last 60 seconds in this game. After counting out 60 seconds, a player may call alive by tagging his/her base. This will be a standard class battlegame, with standard lives.

The boundaries will be marked out with flagging tape that is stapled into the ground. Please do not step on, under, or near the tape at all if you can help it, as I do not want to have to reset the boundaries in-game. If you are caught moving the tape at all(your foot catches it, etc), you will be called dead, and a hold will be called to reset the tape.

I think that covers everything, let me know if I missed anything. I have a secondary game planned if we get bored later.


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