Albuquerque Comic Con Demo

Ok, the demo is going to be on Sunday January 16th at 10:00am. This could be a very important demo and really get our name out there. Remember it will cost you $15.00 to get in for the day, but you get to see the whole convention. If you would like to get in for free you have to volunteer for 4 hours.
The web site is Go to the volunteer link to sign up. Please wear your best garb and bring weapons that look good also any arts and sciences stuff you would like to display. This is for recruiting and to get our name out there. This will be an indoor demo. Also if there are any outlanders attending please feel free to attend the demo.

Albuquerque Comic Con 1/14; 1/15; 1/16

ABQ Comic Con: if you can, you should buy your tickets online.... otherwise adult tickets are $5 extra at the door.

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