An Exciting Day At The Park

I've come to realize that things don't just magically get better on their own. I'm thinking next Saturday(the 23rd), we should have a large and exciting day at the park. People should come out and have fun, invite their friends, et cetera. I will run as many fast-paced and awesome battlegames as I can.

Do you have friends outside the game who might appreciate a day of fun? Have you been thinking about asking somebody to come to Amtgard? This weekend will be the perfect time to bring them out! We should talk to as many people as we can and get people to come to Amtgard on the 23rd. If we really focus on recruiting new people, and they come out to an exciting day at the park, maybe we can hit an upswing on attendance and Amtgard will be a magical and fun place for everybody once again. Loaner garb and weapons will be available, so there should be no obstacle to fun for new players!

Have you been out of Amtgard for a while and are maybe looking for a day to come to the park and see old friends? This could be the perfect time to do exactly that! Old faces that have been out for a time would really brighten everyone's day.

I'm hoping to get things started between 1 and 2 PM, with at least a few hours of battlegames and ditching. Expect a lot of fighting. After things are done and it gets cold and people want to leave, we could all congregate somewhere else, like a cheap restaurant after the park for some post-Amtgard socializing. It is my hope that we can all have fun and rebuild our sense of community as a park, so that we can have a more cohesive and entertaining Amtgard chapter.

As we approach the end of the reign and the months of winter, I really want us to start getting geared for the exciting times that spring and the onset of event season will bring to Amtgard. Let's finish this reign strong and start out the oncoming season with gusto!

Duke of Pegasus Valley

new comer

hi my name is cody and i am in the navy. about to get out and go to college at UNM. i have been introduced to amtgard here in japan and i would like to keep in contact with you guys for when i get there in august.

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That's more than doable. Drop us a line(you can post anywhere here on the site or email any of us, more than likely) when you get over here and we'll help you meet up with us for the park.


alright sweet yeah my clan over here is 20 plus guys....i make all the weapons....kinda sucks. but im ready to step into the real deal!

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I got a couple friends to come the 23rd, and a couple more to come the week after. Should be fun

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