Help Please!!! Legalities and all

hey ok, this may sound stupid, but I can't seem to find it in the rule book, so here it is: I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me what would be legal for a knife/dagger and/or a double bladed/single bladed Staff, not spear(though technically...), an actual staff used for things other than fighting, and what materials could be used (wooden broom handle,PVC piping, shaved fun noodle, duct tape, ect...) to make it legal. Seriously, though, I am learning that it may be impossible for me to relearn basic swords, and spears are too (insert whatever here) for me, but I am pretty good with a staff and knives, so yeah, lemme know!!!

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it's in there under weapons but just so you don't have to look...

daggers are 18" or shorter with a minimum of 10 inches of strike legal surface.

A double bladed or stingle "bladed" staff would fall under the rules for spears, poles or staves depending on how you make it. Other than making a flat blade it's still going to look like a Q-tip just like any other reach weapon.

For the core, stick with either bamboo, sch40 pvc or golf club/kite spar. Wood is not legal nor is metal.

For padding I'd go with noodle as it's the easiest and cheapest way to make a legal weapon. If you show up to an arts and sciences anyone there can probably walk you through the construction of a legal weapon.

For tape try to avoid using duct tape (if for no other reason than it's heavy), generally I use either strapping or packing tape for the majority of weapon construction (when I use tape at all) the only other tape I use is athletic tape for my grip (other people prefer the sticky hockey tape or racket handle tape).

Mind you this is only if you intend on the weapon being field legal. If this is just for you to walk around with at court or to sit on a blanket and show off make it out of broken glass for all it matters.

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ok, thanks, and what i meant

ok, thanks, and what i meant as for other uses was a walking stick, making the blades removable and using them as daggers. so thanks for the info, tiwaz!


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