Dragonmaster, 12-12-09 Rules

Dragonmaster is our Arts and Sciences competition taking place Saturday, December 12th, during our Midreign park day. Sign-ups for the competition will close at 1:30 PM, with judging commencing immediately after that.

The Arts & Sciences are broken into several categories, each with several events. Each event has an event code to help sort them out on the judging sheets and for the final scoring.

Art Events:
[A1] Flat Art: two-dimensional artistic medium.
[A2] 3-D Art: three dimensional artistic medium.
[A3] Kit: Anything made from a kit, such as miniatures or ceramics.
[A4] Needlework: embroidery, latch hook, cross-stitch, knitting, bead work, or crotchet.
[A5] Jewelry: any item made to be worn as jewelry.
[A6] Photography: photograph of people, places, or events related to the genre of Amtgard.
[A7] Media: movie, web page, or digitally-enhanced art.

Bardic Events:
[B1] Singing: with or without accompaniment.
[B2] Instrumental Music: musical performance on a musical instrument.
[B3] Dance: dancing.
[B4] Recitation: story, poetry, comedy, drama, etc.

Garbing Events:
[G1] Fighting Garb: made for wear on the battlefield.
[G2] Court Garb: made for wear during court or formal functions.
[G3] Monster Garb: made for the portrayal of a monster class.
[G4] Garb Accessory: such as belts, pouches, and favors.

Construction Events:
[C1] Weapon: weapon that is legal for Amtgard use.
[C2] Unique Weapon: unique or unusual weapon made in the manner of Amtgard weapons, not required to be legal for Amtgard use.
[C3] Shield: shield, buckler, or madu legal for Amtgard.
[C4] Armor: made for use on the battlefield.
[C5] Banner: any banner.
[C6] Active Construction: items that are for battlefield use, such as siege weaponry.
[C7] Passive Construction: items that are not for battlefield use, such as chests, furniture, or pavilions.

Cooking Events:
[F1] Main Dish: any food served as a main course.
[F2] Side Dish: any food served to accompany a meal.
[F3] Vintners: any beverage that has been fermented by a brewing or distillation process.
[F4] Dessert: any food served primarily as a dessert.
[F5] Condiment: any sauce, dressing, chutney, etc.

Literature Events:
[W1] Fiction: any fictional work.
[W2] Non-Fiction: any factual work.
[W3] Poetry: any poetic work in any poetic style.

Rose Events:
[R1] Rose: any entry made and donated to a Dragonspine chapter.

Events Information

You should supply a note card describing your entry and to answer any obvious questions the judges may ask about it. A few examples would be an item being hand sewn, made entirely with primitive materials, or a tunic that you bought that is only being judged for the embroidery that you added to it.
Art: Using a frame, matte, or other way to protect your work is suggested.
Literature: 4-page maximum, double-spaced, and 5 copies are needed. They are due two weeks before the contest.
Cooking: An ingredients list is required with each cooking entry. You must supply all utensils and dishes for tasting. Be sure to have enough for at least 7 people to sample (for up to 5 judges, the monarch, and regent). Judges that are prohibited from tasting an entry by law, beliefs, or medical condition will not be counted as part of the average score.
Vintners: Must be announced to Lurker before December 5th so he can arrange a time and place for judging. Do not bring alcoholic beverages to the park.


Each cultural entry will be judged by multiple judges on a scale of 1 to 5, with 3 being an average entry. The final score of each entry will be the average of 5 judges with the lowest and highest scores dropped. After the final scores for each entry have been calculated, tallying will begin. 1St, 2nd, and 3rd place will be determined per category (Art, Bardic, Construction, Garbing, Cooking, Literature, and Rose). You only get points for the highest place you qualify for in each category.
The Dragonmaster is determined by taking a persons best 7 events and averaging the score. The highest average score is the Dragonmaster for the next reign. A minimum of 7 events are needed to qualify for Dragonmaster.

Points awarded:

* .5 point for each event they have a qualifying entry in (3.0 or better).
* 5 points for each first place entry in a category.
* 3 points for each second place entry in a category.
* 1 point for each third place entry in a category.
Good luck!
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I'm not entering anything to my knowledge so if you need a judge let me know...though I'll probably tell you this at A&S later tonight.

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