Summer 2009 Crown Qual Results

Copy Pasted from the PV list for those users who do not have access or do not regularly check the PV list.

I've compiled all the information except for gaming. There was some confusion
over it, and rather than give wrong information regarding it, I will wait until
I have some clarification over the results. That being said, here is the rest.

Item # Name Description Average Score
A1-1 Lurker dragon sketch 4.100
A5-1 Styxx red and yellow necklace 3.800
A5-2 Trey blue jewelry set 4.000
A5-3 Trey set of three earrings 4.100
A5-4 Sylph bracelet 3.833
A5-5 Sylph red chandelier earrings 3.933
A5-6 Sylph blue earrings 4.167
A6-1 Alucard highland games photos 4.067
A7-1 Lurker Lurker painting 3.167
C1-1 Lurker blue sword w/ornate pommel 3.933
C1-2 Alucard black/white tribal polearm 4.100
C1-3 Tiwaz javelin 3.667
C1-4 Tiwaz black sword 3.567
C2-1 Lurker golden sword 3.733
C2-2 Alucard goblin handaxe 3.967
C2-3 Tiwaz ultralight black sword 3.700
C2-4 Tiwaz javelin 3.667
C3-1 Lurker blue/black/green madu 3.933
C3-2 Alucard black shield 4.100
C3-3 Tiwaz black small shield 3.900
C4-1 Tiwaz quilted vest 3.833
C6-1 Styxx PV bracer 3.967
F1-1 Alucard guinness stew 3.933
F2-1 Alucard soda bread 4.433
F4-1 Alucard shortbread 4.400
F4-2 Trey pentagram star candy 3.500
G1-1 Lurker blue tunic 3.067
G1-2 Alucard black lion tunic 4.233
G1-3 Shayleigh blue tunic 3.733
G1-4 Tiwaz black muslin tunic 3.800
G2-1 Shayleigh winter cloak 4.567
G2-2 Tiwaz linen under tunic 3.700
G4-1 Lurker green sash 3.400
G4-2 Alucard mongolian hat 3.867
G4-3 Tiwaz blue belt 3.267
G4-4 Tiwaz brown belt 3.167
G4-5 Tiwaz gray belt favor 4.633
R1-1 Lurker orange sash 3.400
R1-2 Alucard black/yellow long sword 3.800
R1-3 Trey blue earrings 4.133
R1-4 Sylph brown earrings 3.900
R1-5 Shayleigh archery target 4.267
R1-6 Tiwaz black sword 3.633

Overall Total War Cultural
Tiwaz 49.0 42.5 6.5
Alucard 35.5 22.0 13.5
Marcil 20.5 20.5 0.0
Styxx 15.0 11.0 4.0
Glenalth 12.5 12.5 0.0
Shayleigh 9.0 0.0 9.0
Lurker 9.0 3.0 6.0
Trey 8.5 0.0 8.5
Sylph 7.0 0.0 7.0
Grim 5.5 5.5 0.0
Talnada 2.0 2.0 0.0
Kaulik 1.0 1.0 0.0
Talifer 0.5 0.5 0.0

Single Short
Tiwaz 1st
Marcil 2nd
Glenalth 3rd

Double Short
Tiwaz 1st
Marcil 2nd
Glenalth 3rd

Short Weapon & Shield
Marcil 1st
Tiwaz 2nd
Alucard 3rd

Styxx 1st
Glenalth 2nd
Tiwaz 3rd

Single Dagger
Tiwaz 1st
Alucard 2nd
Grim 3rd

Open Weapon
Tiwaz 1st
Alucard 2nd
Styxx 3rd

Hinged Weapon
Alucard 1st
Tiwaz 2nd
Marcil 3rd

Two-Man Teams
Styxx/Alucard 1st
Lurker/Tiwaz 2nd

A&S Champion Tally
Alucard 4.186
Tiwaz 3.89
Lurker 3.667
Trey N/A
Sylph N/A
Shayleigh N/A
Styxx N/A

I will make my Excel spreadsheet a little easier to read and upload the file to
the list, since our list strips attachments. If you have any specific questions
that aren't TOO asinine, I may reply. ;)

Thank you, and good night!

~ Duchess Lila

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