Weaponmaster Results 2009/6/6

On June 6th, 2009 Weaponmaster was held in the Duchy of Pegasus Valley.

The results are thus:
Duke Sir Glenath has won Weaponmaster

Graded on a point scale: placed in each tournament (1st place – 3 points, 2nd place -2 points, 3rd place – 1 point)

Glenath – 12 points
Tiwaz – 8 points
Lor – 8 points
Alucard – 6 points
Marcil – 6 points
Styxx – 4 points
Ted – 1 point

Two Man Teams
1st Alucard & Lor
2nd Glenalth & Styxx
3rd Marcil & Talifer

1st Lor
2nd Glenalth
3rd Alucard

Hinged Weapon and Shield
1st Glenalth
2nd Styxx
3rd Tiwaz

Short Weapon and Shield
1st Tiwaz
2nd Alucard
3rd Lor

Double Short Weapon
1st Glenalth
2nd Marcil
3rd Alucard

Single Short Weapon
1st Marcil
2nd Glenalth
3rd Tiwaz

Single Dagger
1st Tiwaz
2nd Lor
3rd Ted

3 or more Wins in a row:

Marcil 7 wins in a row
Tiwaz 6 wins in a row/ 6 wins in a row
Glenalth 3 wins in a row/4 wins in a row
Lor 3 wins in a row
Alucard 3 wins in a row

In Service
Lord F’lar Starfire
Guildmaster of Reeves
Duchy of Pegasus Valley

Ted Iomhair's picture

Yay, I got on the board!

Yay, I got on the board!

"We are men of actions. Lies do not become us."
~The Man in Black - 'The Princess Bride'

lurker's picture


I think it's time for me to start some serious training; Ted did better than me in a tourney...

Marcil Firestalker Woodsman's picture

I'll just have to improve my fighting...

I needed 11 total kills in a row... I never suck seed!

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