Harvest War Donations

We're looking for some donations to use as prizes/loot/merchandise.
Anything that we don't get donations for ends up coming out of the
budget. We're looking for items for a few purposes...

1. Prizes for various games.
Looking for new/unused items to award for prizes.

2. Loots for monsters.
Plastic jewelry, pouches full of rocks, plastic gems, etc..

3. Merchandise for the store.
We're trying something this year. We will have an NPC run general
store that will be buying and selling mundane and quest items during
the event for Pegasus Valley coins. We need some stock to get it
started. We're looking at stocking a small amount of used garb, garb
accessories, golf clubs, weapons, rape traps, extra tent pegs, and
other odds and ends that might be needed at the event.

Send an e-mail to hw2009@pegasusvalley.com if you want to keep your
donation private.

- Glenalth

Cassandrah's picture

I have loot. I can add to

I have loot. I can add to your monster's hoard.

Also, I have some used garb I'd be willing to part with, maybe some accessories and a slightly used but repairable rape trap. Yeah, I said it. And boy do I ever have 'odds and ends'...


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