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Harvest War planning is going well, except I'm slightly behind on sending out the June advertising e-mail due to being tired from work and typing on a tiny keyboard. The flyer for Rakis isn't done quite yet, but I have arts for it.

We've added a new vendor to the event...

Mystik Wonders

Our store is called Mystik Wonders, and we sell garb ( from fighting tunics to court garb) that I make. My husband does woodwork, including staffs, walking sticks, magic wands, and hair sticks. He also does some wire-wrapped jewelry. We carry a line of fox tails and faces, and sell tee shirts from The Mountain and Skulbone. My son makes boffers, and other Amtgard legal weapons. Our most recent addition is Mana Energy Potions ( a real plus for long battles).
Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you Labor Day Weekend!
Debbie / Darthyra
Don't Dream It, Be It!!!

We've added a new activity to the event...

Most Bitchin' Chair Contest
Make/modify/enhance/destroy a chair and have it judged by a panel of drunks. Only one chair will be declared the "Most Bitchin'".

Other stuff...

The under 14 activities are being taken care of by Nacoochee. She plans on having children's activities running during the 14+ events to keep them busy and entertained.

Lurker is funny looking.

Another work weekend is scheduled for July 3-5. More details on that soon.

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And another

"Puss & Boots"

Also, I realized that shirts by "The Mountain" means they might carry Three Wolf Moon :)

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