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Just fights. 5pm at Bataan Memorial Park

See Facebook group for last minute scheduling changes.

all day

Our normal meetings take place at Taylor Park starting around 1pm.

all day

Feast and Court @ 6:00 Domenici Center, West Building at UNM HSC

Mid-reign feast at the Dom 6PM. Feast with be Pizza/potluck. Feel free to contribute to the potluck and for our Vegan friends there will be a salad option.

- Shadowcaster

all day

Hear ye hear ye to all that read these words.

On the day of Midreign December 13th I will be hosting the 2014 Toys for Tots tournament.
The tournament will consist of three categories, short sword and shield, random draw, and open weapon. The format will be best to out of three single elimination.
To fight in the tournament you must donate an unopened toy worth at least five dollars.
Now the way this is going to work we will be auctioning off the fighters.
In order to bid on fighters you must donate an unopened toy worth at least five dollars.
Then we will be auctioning off the fighters to the highest bidder.

Now for the prizes!!

Guild renown will be 10pts per tournament win for whatever class they signed in as.
Prize purse will be 60 coins total, divided among the top 3 fighters and top 3 sponsors
15 each for 1st, 10 each for 2nd, 5 each for 3rd.
Also I will tool a leather belt favor for the fighter proclaiming them the Pegasus valley 2014 Toys for Tots Champion. All toys and money raised will go to Toys for Tots.

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