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It's time for the 32nd annual Gathering of the Clans

Info retrieved 5/15/2014

The Gathering of the Clans is here once again! We invite everyone to come out and celebrate with us at the first, true inter-kingdom gathering.

As usual, Clan will feature a lighted ditch-field, plenty of events for fighters and role-players alike, and feasts.

In the interest of making Clan a true inter-kingdom event, we are looking for volunteers to host various aspects of the event. We need people to run battle games, tournaments, arts and science workshops, bardics, and whatever else you can think of. We will also need people to help out with gate.

There are plenty of flush toilets and male and female divided showers available on site.

Shower houses will be cleaned daily (Let’s keep them that way.)

The Burning Lands will provide 1 raffle ticket to

everyone who works a shift of gate. The winning raffle ticket will be worth $100 gift certificate to be used at any on site vendor.

All questions regarding Clan can be directed to the Head Autocrats: Manthax Halar

So come and join the revelry that is the Gathering of the Clans

all day

Our normal meetings take place at Taylor Park starting around 1pm.

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