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Start: 06/11/2014
End: 06/15/2014

Adventurers, Welcome to Rakis!

Rakis is Colorado's premier Amtgard event hosted each year by the Empire of the Iron Mountains. This year we'll be incorporating elements from the Elder Scrolls games, including the recently released Elder Scrolls Online. Rakis will be held
June 11th - 15th in Byers, CO.

During the day you'll be able to play in creative battlegames, eat delicious feasts, show off your A&S skills in our yearly Best of the Best tournament, and armchair referee Jugging to your heart's content. Enjoy some great company and festivities once the sun goes down, and maybe undertake a clandestine mission from the Dark Brotherhood while you're at it.

Choose Your Faction

The Rakis quest team has been hard at work developing engaging missions to help you rise through the ranks of 5 different Factions.

Study arcane energies with the Mages Guild.
Work for the Theives Guild to acquire wealth and artifacts.
Hone your martial prowess in the Fighters Guild.
Carry out the Dark Brotherhood's mysterious contracts.
Follow the Undaunted into the deepest and darkest dungeons.

all day

Since it's the 3rd weekend of the month, we are at Bataan Park instead of the usual park.

Amherst and Lomas starting at noon.
Map to Bataan Memorial Park

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