Spring 2014 Dragonmaster


Our bi-annual Dragonmaster is taking place at Taylor Park.

A PDF of the following rules is available here: http://www.pegasusvalley.com/sites/default/files/Dragonmaster52014.pdf

Sign­ins for entries start around noon. Judging will start at 1pm. Sign­ins will close at 2pm. Results will be announced at midreign the following week..
For each entry you must fill out an index card describing your entry and any information that judges will need to judge it properly. A few examples would be an item being entirely hand sewn, made entirely with primitive materials, or a tunic that you bought that is only being judged for the embroidery that you added to it.
Each entry will be judged on a scale of 1 to 5. The final score of each entry will be the average of each judge's decision with the highest and lowest scores weighted lower.
Each person’s total score will be the sum of their best scoring items in each event. The highest score shall be the Dragonmaster for the reign.

Cultural Events
Art: [A]
● Flat Art: On paper, art board, or other flat surface.
● 3­D Art: Sculpture, carving, or other three dimensional medium.
● Photography: Amtgard related is preferred. A frame or matte is encouraged.
● 3­D Scene: For painted miniatures, dioramas, and related entries.
● Other Art
Using a frame, matte, or other way to protect your work is encouraged.

Bardic: [B]
● Instrumental: Only the use of instruments is allowed. No vocals.
● Song: Includes singing and chanting. Instruments are allowed in this category.
● Dance: You may use a stereo or live accompaniment if needed.
● Oration: Spoken word.
● Other Bardic

Garb: [G]
● General: Standard costume category for fighting and normal use garb.
● Court Garb: Costume intended for court and other fancy functions.
● Monster Garb: Costume for use when playing a monster.
● Historic Recreation: Period costume. Please include documentation with the entry.
● Other Garb / Accessories

Amtgard Weapon: [AW]
● Melee: Swords, spears, axes, etc.
● Projectiles: Throwing daggers, arrows, etc.
● Shields: Any size shield or madu.
● Siege: A siege weapon plus at least one piece of ammo (if used).
● Other Legal Weapons
Must be legal for battlefield use. Illegal weapons will be disqualified.

Active Construction: [AC]
● Armor: Any armor legal for Amtgard use.
● Magic Components: Magic balls, wands, fancy enchantment ribbons, etc.
● Game Items: Flags, markers, jugging equipment, etc.
● Other Active Construction
Must be legal for battlefield use. Illegal objects will be disqualified.

General Construction: [GC]
● Weapons: “Live steel” and real weapons.
● Jewelry: Necklace, bracelets, earrings, etc.
● Camping Gear: Tents, bedrolls, fire starting kits, etc.
● Household Items: Furniture, eating utensils, wall hangings, etc.
● Other General Construction

Food & Drink: [F]
● Main Dish
● Side Dish
● Dessert
● Beverage
● Other Food & Drink
Alcoholic food/beverages prohibited since judging will be at the park.
You must supply all utensils and dishes for your entry.
Bring enough so that 6 people can sample it (up to 5 judges and the monarch.)

Writing: [W]
● Short Fiction
● Short Non­Fiction
● Poetry
● Instructional
● Other Writing
Written entries are limited to 2 pages, double spaced.
Send written entries to glenalth@pegasusvalley.com no later than May 25th. If you do not get a
confirmation that it was received by May 26th, call Glenalth at 575 680 2471.
Written entries will not be accepted the day of the event.

Rose: [R]
● Loaner Garb
● Loaner Equipment
● Smith
● Other Rose
Donations to the group or things to help make the group better.

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Taylor Park is located on the Northeast corner of Indian School & Pennsylvania in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

If you do not know your way around Albuquerque, the easiest way to find Pegasus Valley is to get to I-25 & I-40. Travel East on I-40 until you get to the Louisiana North exit (the second Louisiana exit). Take Louisiana north to Indian School. Turn right (east) onto Indian School and follow it a short way to Pennsylvania. The park is on the Northeast corner.

Map to Pegasus Valley

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