Comet Item Rules

Pieces of the comet can be found in many places, are often rewards for quests, and are available in the Tradewings shop. Essences come in six types, Spirit, Death, Flame, Air, Water, and Earth. Essences must be captured by a team.

Making Items

The town sage will assist adventurers in imbuing power into your item, but you need three things. The first is an item that is large enough to contain the power (25 square inch minimum). The second is a captured elemental essence that has been deposited in the town sage’s vault. Finally you will need enough pieces of the comet’s tail to power the ritual to bind it all together.

Items can then be further upgraded two additional times. You can mix different essence types to customize your own item. This third tier of item can also gain powerful artifact level abilities if specialized recipes are followed. Comet imbuements may also be moved into a new item at the expense of more comet pieces.

Comet Item Rules

Detailed Comet Item Rules

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Banked Pieces and Essences

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Magic Item Registry

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Updated Comet Item Rules - May 2018

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