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1995 Job Descriptions

This is a list of old Pegasus Valley job descriptions from 1995. I have archived them here for safe keeping. In the last 13 years many of the jobs have shifted and evolved, but many are still the same.

Regent Description
Pegasus Valley December 1995
Duties of the Regent include:

* Work with the Monarch, Prime Minister and the members of the Board of Directors

Correspondence with other Amtgard Chapters
1) Thank-you notes
2) Announcements of events
3) Invitations to Pegasus Valley events
4) Mail copies of our newsletter to other Amtgard Chapters
5) Represent Pegasus Valley at other Amtgard Chapter's events whenever possible.
6) Overseeing that Pegasus Valley Announcements get onto the Amtgard Net Discussion.

Planning and Hosting Feasts
(held as follows: Coronations Feasts: June and December; Midreign Feasts: March and September) Note: As per Corpora: Midreign Feasts are optional but are strongly recommended since they are held in conjunction with a Midreign court in which orders are given out. Midreign's are traditional and their omission would be viewed as unfavorable by the general populace and other officers..
1) Menu planning
2) obtaining a site:

a) responsible for filling out the appropriate paperwork
b) getting required payments and deposits in on time
c) organizing volunteers: serving, set-up, clean-up, cooking
d) Act as Pegasus Valley Liaison with the feasthall owners & maintain a good relationship with them
e) purchasing supplies, food, etc. for feast.

3) producing tickets, flyers and announcements of feasts.
4) Setting up, cleaning up and cooking for feast.

Correspondence with outside world
1) Distribution of Flyers advertising the demo
2) Organizing Demos

a) Contacting hosting group and maintaining a good relationship with them
b) Providing accurate information to the populace of Pegasus Valley as to when and where
c) Thanking hosting group when the demo is over.
d) Organizing volunteers for set-up, clean-up and individual instruction
e) Overseeing that flyers and rule-books are available at the demo.

Heading up Arts & Sciences
a) Finding a place to hold A&S should the current place be unavailable.
b) Directing persons to appropriate guildmasters when necessary (ie: someone needs help with garb, then introduce them to the guildmaster of garbers)
c) Overseeing A&S guildmasters

1) require them to each put an article in every newsletter
2) encourage them to give a workshop during a regular Saturday
3) get their recommendations for persons earning orders.

d) Responsible for writing an article for every newsletter.
e) Encourage excellence in the realms of A&S by giving out appropriate orders and public recognition to outstanding work/service by members.
f) Encourage participation in Crown Qualifications.
g) May make recommendations for orders which the Regent is unable to award, to the Monarch

* Must not miss more than six weeks in a row or 12 weeks total during reign
* May be impeached by a unanimous written vote of the BOD and a 2/3 written vote of the Dues Paid Members of Pegasus Valley.
* Assumes the throne as Monarch, should the Monarch prematurely step down or be impeached. (This falls to the champion according to the Corpora but Pegasus Valley feels that this is a grave error and has adopted this amendment)

Head up all Arts & Science Meetings
a) Oversee that notes are taken
b) See that an attendance is taken
c) Keep meetings calm and orderly

* Hear all complaints presented and do something about them.
* The Regents personal grievances concerning Amtgard should be brought before a meeting of the Board of Directors.
* Participate in all fund-raisers and Demos
* Keep copies of current flyers, blank waivers and blank sign-in sheets in Regents Book at all times
* Bring Regents Book to all events
* Keep information in the Regents Book current at all times.
* Direct new persons to the Prime Minister and the Marshall
* Encourage Role-play
* Regent is exempt from paying dues during their reign.
* Has the authority to call an All-Thing in the Monarch's absence.

The Regent has the authority to award the following:

Dragon--for outstanding achievements in the arts (garb, art, music, etc.)
There are no limitations on this order.

Lion--for displaying outstanding traits of service an loyalty to Amgard.
There are no limitations on this order.

Owl--for outstanding achievements in the sciences (armour, construction, etc.)
There are no limitations on this order.

Rose--for persons providing beneficial service to Amtgard.
There are no limitations on this order.

Garber credits--for outstanding garb for themselves or for others. Not recommended to give for how much garb is made but rather the quality of the garb. Can also be given out for any other construction requiring sewing (ie: flags, belt favors, etc.) or crafts like abilities.
There is no limitation on this order. Note: Garber credits can be given in addition to orders of the Dragon.

Smith credits--for outstanding work in sponsoring a major Amtgard Event, publication, workshop or any other comparable service to Amtgard. (Yes, Demos and Feasts do apply if successful.)
There is no limitation to this order.

The Regent has the right to create new honors, orders and titles. But keep in mind that other Amtgard chapters will most likely not honor them.

Prime Minister Description
Pegasus Valley December 1995
Duties of the Prime Minister include:

Keep up-to-date (weekly) records of:
1) Waivers
2) Weekly and Event Attendance
3) Orders Earned
4) Levels Earned
5) Offices Held
6) Permanent records of members

Keep up-to-date (monthly) lists of:
1) Dues Paid Members
2) Active Members
3) Inactive or Infrequent Members

Serve on the BOD (Board of Directors) as a director
1) Provide financial reports for BOD
2) Work along side BOD treasurer to assure books are always in order

* Balance Bank Statement promptly
* Be the secondary signature on the Bank Account
* Prepare financial reports to be included in Newsletters and to end reign.
* Conduct Baron, Regent and Champion elections in a fair and orderly fashion. (written ballots are preferrable).
* OverSee that the Newsletter is produced a minimum of every 3 months
* Provide Sign-in sheets for every event.
* Provide current flyers, blank waivers and blank sign-in sheets for the Baron and Regent.

Responsible for Rulebooks:
1) Selling copies to members
2) Printing copies when needed
3) Applying Rulebook cost towards dues paid when appropriate

* Not miss more than a total of 8 weeks during six months of office term.
* Responsible for getting sign-ins to events which PM is absent from (and getting back).
* Attend fund raisers and demos.

File Non-profit yearly statements and taxes:
1) State Corporation Commission: Due before February 30 each year (for the previous year Jan 1 through Dec. 31). If forms are not recieved by January 31 then write for them at: P.O. Drawer 1269 Santa Fe, NM 87504-1269
2) File IRS Form 990 with the Attorney General of New Mexico . Due before February 30 each year. P.O. Drawer 1508 Santa Fe, NM 87504-1508
3) File with IRS (details to come when non-profit status is granted)

* The Prime Minister may be impeached from office by a unanimous written vote of the remaining BOD members and a 2/3majority written vote of the Dues Paid Members of Pegasus Valley.
* Work with the Monarch, Regent and the BOD
* The Prime Minister's personal grievances concerning Amtgard should be brought before a meeting of the Board of Directors.

Keep the Prime Minister's book current and at all events. The book should contain the following information:
a) levels and weeks of each class currently earned (by person).
b) copies of latest Arts & Sciences notes for those interested.
c) A place for complaints or requests to be posted.

* Direct new persons to the Marshall after waivers have been completed
* Prime Minister is exempt from paying dues during their term of office.
* Collects and deposit monies given to or earned by Pegasus Valley and update bank account promptly.
* May spend up to 10 % of chapter funds per month with no prior approval. Greater amounts must be voted upon by the majority of the dues-paid populace of Pegasus Valley; appropriate receipts are required in both cases.

Champion Description
Pegasus Valley December 1995
The Duties of the Office of Champion of Pegasus Valley are:

* Serves in the role of Defender of the Crown.
* Work with the chosen Guard, co-ordinating efforts with the Captain of the Guard.
* Responsible for maintaining a lost and found. It is acceptable to use whatever is left in the lost and found as tourney prizes once they have not been claimed for three months (but only after the populace has been informed of the intention to do so and given the chance to retrieve anything which may belong to them).
* Responsible for all safety and legality of weapons and armour. Works with the Guildmaster of Reeves to this aim.
* Shares a say with the Monarch and the Guildmaster of Reeves in rating armour.
* Shares a voice in nominating persons for masterhood in a class with the Prime Minister and the Monarch.
* Direct new persons to the Prime Minister and the Marshall.
* Hear all complaints from the populace and DO something about them (particurlarly if it concerns safety).
* Organizing battlegames on days when no pre-determined scenarios are scheduled. (as per Corpora).
* Organizing fighter practices weekly (weather permitting), providing sign-in for fighter practice and seeing that the Prime Minister gets the sign-in the Saturday immediately following fighter practice. (Fighter practices count as 1/4 credit toward warrior class).
* Cannot miss more than 4 weeks in a row or 12 weeks total during the reign.
* May be impeached by a joint decision of the Monarch , Prime Minister and a 2/3 vote of the dues paid members of Pegasus Valley. Decision and reasons for decision must be presented in writing to the Champion prior to their dimissal.
* Must maintain the Champion's notebook : containing blank sign-in sheets for fighter practices, all tourney results, rulings made concerning weapons safety and armour legality.
* Must organize at least one tournament during reign (Crown Qualification Tourneys don't count toward this). Type of tourney, prizes given, and date of tourney are up to the Champion's discretion, but must be announced to the populace at least two weeks in advance.
* Participate in all fund-raisers and demos.
* All personal complaints of the Champion regarding Amtgard should be brought before the Monarch and Regent (should conplaints involve the Monarch or Regent, then present them to the Board of Directors).
* Encourage safety on the field and adherence to the rules of play.
* May make recommendations to Monarch as to persons showing promise, improvement, exemplary role-play or behavior complying criteria for orders of the Griffin (for courage, chivalry and honor on the battlefield), Order of the Jovious (for outstanding attitude), Order of the Mask ( for outstanding portrayal of persona), Orders of the Owl (for armour, weapons construction) .

GM Reeves Description
Pegasus Valley December 1995
Duties of the Guildmaster of Reeves are as follows:

* Shall work with the Monarch, Prime Minister, and Champion to insure that the rules of play are being followed accurately, honestly and fairly.
* Shares a say with the Champion and the Monarch in rating armour.
* Works with the Champion to insure the safety and legality of weapons and armour.
* Responsible for making sure that there are an appropriate number of Reeves at any Amtgard event. Assume this role if none are availiable--this includes feasts, Clan and wars.
* Oversees that all reeves are fair and competent (and reeve qualified). DO NOT CONTRADICT ANOTHER REEVE DURING THE COURSE OF PLAY. CORRECT THEM AFTERWARDS!!!
* Will be the crown's advisor on the rules: The Monarch has the final say as to rulings., then the Guildmaster of Reeves.--as per Corpora.
* Will write and administer a fair, written Reeves test to anyone who wishes to take one. Traditionally this is done every Crown Qualifications. (If guildmaster wishes to remain qualified, then he must take a reeve test written and given by the current Monarch). All reeve tests given must be kept in the Guildmaster of Reeves notebook for at least one year. After the year, give them to the Prime Minister so that they may be included with the individual person's permanent records.
* Responsible for providing the updated lists of reeve-qualified individuals to the Prime Minister and the Person in charge of Crown Qualifications (so that they may determine eligibility for Office and Orders of the Hydra).
* May be impeached by a joint decision of the Monarch and the Prime Minister and a 2/3 vote of the Guild of Reeves of Pegasus Valley. The decision and the reasons for the decision must be presented in writing to the Guildmaster of Reeves prior to their dismissal.
* Has the authority to enforce warnings, forfeits and tourney disqualifications (in that order) for troublesome or unsportsmanlike fighting in tournaments. Please keep a cool head in these situations.
* Has the authority to enforce warnings, declare forfeit of lives, and disqualification of play (in that order) in battlegames for troublesome/unsafe or unruly persons during any battlegame. (May ban a person from play for up to 6 weeks for serious offenses--must consult the Monarch and get their approval beforehand).
* Present ideas for improvements and rules clarifications at Arts & Sciences/Board of Directors meetings. (Must work with class guildmasters on this.)
* Required to write an article for each newsletter concerning safety or rules clarifications.
* Help new persons to learn the rules and direct them to the Prime Minister and Marshall.
* May make recommendations to Monarch as to persons showing promise, improvement, exemplary role-play or behavior complying criteria for orders of the Griffin (for courage, chivalry and honor on the battlefield), Order of the Jovious (for outstanding attitude), Order of the Mask ( for outstanding portrayal of persona), Orders of the Owl (for armour, weapons construction) and for Walker of the Middle (for exemplification of the ideals and conduct of reeves). May also make recommendations for persons showing qualifications for a Masterhood in Reeving. (the final decision rests with the Monarch.)
* Any personal complaints of the Guildmaster of Reeves, regarding Amtgard must be taken before the Monarch and Regent (Should the Monarch or Regent be involved in the complaint, then it should be brought before the Board of Directors).
* Shares the decision with the game reeve and the Guild Master of Monster, whether to allow a person to play a monster in a normal battlegame.

This information was originally typed by Crosser, then HTML coded by Exedor Wayfel on the old PV website, and then copied and saved by Glenalth.

Competition Results

Results from past tournaments, competitions, and crown qualifications.

1998-2005 Viking Games Results and Records (PDF)67.88 KB

Weaponmaster Results 2009/6/6

On June 6th, 2009 Weaponmaster was held in the Duchy of Pegasus Valley.

The results are thus:
Duke Sir Glenath has won Weaponmaster

Graded on a point scale: placed in each tournament (1st place – 3 points, 2nd place -2 points, 3rd place – 1 point)

Glenath – 12 points
Tiwaz – 8 points
Lor – 8 points
Alucard – 6 points
Marcil – 6 points
Styxx – 4 points
Ted – 1 point

Two Man Teams
1st Alucard & Lor
2nd Glenalth & Styxx
3rd Marcil & Talifer

1st Lor
2nd Glenalth
3rd Alucard

Hinged Weapon and Shield
1st Glenalth
2nd Styxx
3rd Tiwaz

Short Weapon and Shield
1st Tiwaz
2nd Alucard
3rd Lor

Double Short Weapon
1st Glenalth
2nd Marcil
3rd Alucard

Single Short Weapon
1st Marcil
2nd Glenalth
3rd Tiwaz

Single Dagger
1st Tiwaz
2nd Lor
3rd Ted

3 or more Wins in a row:

Marcil 7 wins in a row
Tiwaz 6 wins in a row/ 6 wins in a row
Glenalth 3 wins in a row/4 wins in a row
Lor 3 wins in a row
Alucard 3 wins in a row

In Service
Lord F’lar Starfire
Guildmaster of Reeves
Duchy of Pegasus Valley

Crown Quals Results Spring 2009

The results of the crown qualifications tournament held on February 7th, 2009 follow.

Crown Qualifications Overall Scoring

Name Total War Cultural Test Gaming
Tiwaz 42.5 33 5.5 4 -
Lor 40.5 35.5 5 - -
Orgy 31 27 3 1 -
Marcil 30 20 6 4 -
Lurker 28.5 10.5 7 11 -
Alucard 22.5 - 15.5 - 7
Lila 19 0.5 12 2 4.5
Beladonna 13.5 - 12.5 1 -
Cassandrah 13.5 2.5 7.5 2 1.5
Autumn 12.5 12.5 - - -
Nacoochie 6 0.5 5.5 - -
Toad 6 6 - - -
Kouros 5 5 - - -
Kai'Rael 3 3 - - -
Styxx 3 3 - - -
Kit 2.5 2.5 - - -
Grellen 2 2 - - -
Ofkey 1.5 1.5 - - -
Trey 0.5 n/a 0.5 - -

Crown Qualifications Event Placing

Event 1st 2nd 3rd
Dagger Tiwaz Toad Orgy
Single Short Tiwaz Autumn Orgy
Double Short Lor Autumn Kit
Short & Shield Lor Orgy Marcil
Open Weapon Orgy Tiwaz Marcil
Flail & Shield Lor Tiwaz Orgy
Reach/Great Marcil Lor Orgy
Two-Person Open Tiwaz & Lor Marcil & Lurker Autumn & Kouros
Art Lurker Cassandrah Lila
Bardic n/a n/a n/a
Construction tie
Alucard, Lor
Food Alucard Beladonna Cassandrah
Garb Lila tie
Nacoochee, Alucard, Marcil, Lila
Rose Beladonna tie
Nacoochee, Tiwaz
Reeve Test Lurker Marcil Lila
Corpora Test Lurker Tiwaz Cassandrah
Mancala Alucard Lila Cassandrah

Crown Qualifications Cultural Scores

Art # Entry Score High ... ... ... Low
Alucard 111 Scout Braided Bracelet 3.50 5 4 3.5 3 3
Alucard 112 Thor's Hammer Necklaces 3.33 4 4 3 3 3
Alucard 110 Harvest War 3.67 5 4 4 3 3
Beladonna 46 Lady & Knight Art 3.33 5 4 3 3 3
Beladonna 53 Necklace 3.67 4 4 4 3 3
Cassandrah 118 Deadly Slime 4.08 5 5 4 3.25 3
Cassandrah 123 Beaded Flower Anklet/Bracelet 3.75 5 4 4 3.25 3
Lila 137 A Normal Day at the Park 4.00 5 4 4 4 3.75
Lila 133 Bracelet & Necklace set 3.50 4 4 3.5 3 3
Lila 134 Teal Stick-Woven Belt 3.83 5 4 4 3.5 3
Lila 132 Beaded Bracelet (purple/black/silver) 3.50 4 4 3.5 3 3
Lor 43 501st Banner 3.33 5 5 3 2 1
Lurker 11 Dragon Sketch 4.42 5 5 4.25 4 3
Lurker 15 Ceramic Dragon 3.75 5 4 3.75 3.5 3
Marcil 93 Drawing 3.42 5 4 3.25 3 3
Marcil 89 Bracelet 3.00 4 3 3 3 2
Nacoochee 100 Hummingbird Coloring 3.83 4 4 4 3.5 3
Nacoochee 104 Serpent Bat 3.17 5 3.5 3 3 2.5
Nacoochee 103 Castle with Dragon Coloring 3.08 4 3.25 3 3 3
Nacoochee 101 Castle Coloring 3.00 4 3 3 3 2.5
Nacoochee 102 Dragon with Sword Coloring 3.00 3.5 3 3 3 3
Nacoochee 99 Paper Quilt Coloring 2.92 4 3 3 2.75 2.5
Orgy 56 Picture 3.33 4 4 3 3 3
Orgy 54 Tattoo 3.42 5 3.75 3.5 3 2
Orgy 55 Bracelet 3.33 4 4 3 3 3
Construction # Entry Score High ... ... ... Low
Alucard 117 Lion and Sacred Heart Bracer 4.42 5 5 4.25 4 3.5
Alucard 116 Long Sword, Silver/Black/Gold 3.83 4 4 4 3.5 3
Beladonna 51 Sword 3.25* 4 3 3 3 n/a
Cassandrah 121 Tentacular Flail 3.92 5 4 4 3.75 3
Lila 131 Purple & Black Short Sword 3.33 4 4 3 3 3
Lila 136 Leather Gindle Book 4.00 5 4 4 4 3.5
Lor 44 Goblin Warlord Armor 4.42 5 5 4.25 4 4
Lurker 10 Throwing Axe 3.50 4 4 3.5 3 2
Lurker 12 Master Sword 3.67 5 4 4 3 2.5
Marcil 88 Unique Weapon 4.33 5 5 4 4 3.75
Marcil 92 Arrow 3.50 5 4 3.5 3 3
Nacoochee 95 Garber's Revenge Sword 3.92 5 5 3.5 3.25 3
Orgy 57 Sword 3.00 4 3 3 3 DQ
Styxx 9 Green Arm Armor 4.00 4.25 4 4 4 3.5
Tiwaz 4 Short Sword 3.50 5 4 3.5 3 3
Tiwaz 5 Matched Pair Longswords 3.50 4 4 3.5 3 3
Tiwaz 8 Flat Blade 4.17 5 4.5 4 4 4
Tiwaz 3 Banner 3.83 5 4 4 3.5 3
Tiwaz 6 Fireballs 3.92 5 4 4 3.75 3
Food # Entry Score High ... ... ... Low
Alucard 106 Shepards Pie 4.33* 5 5 3 n/a n/a
Alucard 107 Scotch Eggs 3.56* 4 4 3.25 2 n/a
Alucard 109 Chocolate Chip Coconut Maceroons 4.25 5 5 4 3.75 3.5
Alucard 108 Scotish Short Bread 3.88* 5 4 3.5 3 n/a
Beladonna 48 Hobo Packs 4.00* 5 4.5 3.5 3 n/a
Beladonna 47 Appetizer Dip 3.56* 5 3.25 3 3 n/a
Beladonna 49 Dessert 3.75* 4.5 4 3.5 3 n/a
Cassandrah 124 Spice Infused Honey Glaze 3.83 4 4 4 3.5 3.5
Cassandrah 125 Chicken Teriyaki 3.75* 5 4 3 3 n/a
Lila 138 Brownies with Frosting 3.33* 4 3 3 n/a n/a
Marcil 87 Homemade Potato Chips 3.67 4 4 4 3 2.75
Marcil 91 Fried Rice 3.17* 4 3 2.5 n/a n/a
Marcil 86 Onion Dip 3.63* 5 3.5 3 3 n/a
Garb # Entry Score High ... ... ... Low
Alucard 114 Goblin Armor 4.00 5 4 4 4 3
Alucard 113 Parti Color Green/Black Tunic 3.67 4 4 4 3 3
Alucard 115 Lions Favor 3.83 5 4 4 3.5 3.5
Beladonna 52 Pants 3.00 3.5 3 3 3 2
Beladonna 50 Hair Halo 3.33 5 4 3 3 3
Cassandrah 122 Ducal Tabard, Winter '08 3.38* 5 4 3.5 1 n/a
Cassandrah 120 Ducal Belt Favor, Winter '08 3.67 5 4 4 3 3
Cassandrah 119 DS Maize Maze Favor 3.08 4 3.25 3 3 2.5
Lila 135 Silver Dress w/reversible Corset 4.58 5 5 4.5 4.25 4
Lila 130 Black Court Belt 4.00 4 4 4 4 3
Lila 129 Black Fighting Tunic w/Trim 3.67 5 4 4 3 3
Lurker 14 Green Tunic 2.58 3 3 2.75 2 2
Lurker 13 Green Pointy Hat 2.92 3 3 3 2.75 2
Marcil 90 Fire Elemental 4.00 5 4 4 4 3
Marcil 94 Tabard 3.00 3.5 3 3 3 3
Nacoochee 97 Silk Skirt 4.00 5 5 4 3 3
Nacoochee 98 Barbarian Sash 3.75 5 4 3.75 3.5 3
Nacoochee 96 Tabard 3.58 5 4 3.5 3.25 2
Orgy 58 Belt 3.50 4 4 3.5 3 3
Tiwaz 2 Dragon Garb 3.92 5 4 4 3.75 3
Tiwaz 1 Black Pouch 3.83 4.5 4 4 3.5 2
Trey 16 Crochet Purse 3.50 5 4 3.5 3 3
Rose # Entry Score High ... ... ... Low
Beladonna 45 PV Sign 3.50 5 4 3.5 3 3
Nacoochee 105 Assassin/Bard Sash 3.17 4 3.5 3 3 3
Tiwaz 7 Short Sword 3.17 4 3.5 3 3 3

* scores were averaged when there were fewer than 5 judges with a score. This happened when a judge had an allergy to food or when items were removed from the judging area.
DQ scores are for a disqualification from the field weapon category and are scored as a 0.

Dragonmaster Results 2008/11/22

Dragonmaster Results

Garb Accessories Item Score
Cassandrah Squire's Belt 4.80
Cassandrah Wolf Belt Favor 4.43
Styxx Leather Circlet 4.80
Jewelry Item Score
Cassandrah Copper Necklace and Earrings 4.87
Garb Item Score
Cassandrah Octopus Vest 4.17
Legal Weapon Item Score
Cassandrah Grey Sword 3.77
Unique Weapon Item Score
Whitewolf Curved Sword 4.10
Lurker Ninja Sword 3.67

Since nobody entered all 7 categories, there is no Dragonmaster this time.

Attached file includes scores from all 5 judges.

Dragonmaster Scores by judge (pdf)73.01 KB

Crown Quals Results 2008/8/9

The following people qualified to run for office.

Cassandrah, Monarch
Styxx, Champion
Tiwaz, Champion

Cassandrah is the Arts & Sciences champion for the reign.

Cultural scores are attached.
War events results are not yet available.

Cultural Scores

Name Item Score
Cassandrah Anklet 3.33
Cassandrah Earrings and Necklace 3.8
Cassandrah Song 4.1
Cassandrah Pole 4
Cassandrah Sword 3.0
Cassandrah Banner 3.9
Cassandrah Tunic 3.63
Cassandrah Vest 3.33
Cassandrah Squire Belt 4.8
F'lar Throwing Axes 3.0
F'lar Pork 3.07
F'lar Biscuits 2.7
F'lar Spice Cake 3.37
F'lar Tunic 3.07
F'lar Tunic 3.2
F'lar Healer's Sash 3.47
Tiwaz Castle pict 3.37
Tiwaz Dagger 3.93
Tiwaz Shortsword 3.67
Tiwaz Greaves 3.67
Tiwaz Spellballs 2.83
Tiwaz Pouch 4.3
Tiwaz How to 3.77
Tiwaz Sword 3.4
Styxx Dagger 3.3
Styxx Leg armor 4.07
Styxx Tunic 3.33
Styxx Belt 3.07
Styxx Goblin chain armor 4
Lurker Story 3.33
Lurker Sword 2.6
Lurker Shield 2.43
Lurker Tabard 3.0
Lurker Sword 2.6
Ash Pipes 4.07
Marcil Sword 3.0
Marcil Shield 3.7
Marcil Shield 2.5
Marcil Chicken 3.73
Marcil Rice 3.07
Marcil Rolls 3.4
Marcil Butter 3.07
Marcil Sash 3.0
Marcil Dagger 3.17
Nacoochie Shield 3.77
Nacoochie Tail 3.13
Nacoochie Sash 3.9
2008-08-09 PV Crown Quals Cultural results (PDF)41.04 KB

Crown Quals Results 2004/8/14

     These are the results of the Pegasus Valley Crown Qualifications that were held on August 14th, 2004.

Qualifications on this day:

  • Alucard - 7 Cultural and 9 War
  • Morgant - 1 Cultural and 9 War
  • Twig - 9 War
  • Skywalker - 1 Cultural and 6 War
  • Ballbazack - 9 War
  • Lurker - 1 Cultural and 6 War
  • Mossy Zinc - 1 Cultural
  • Grim Mr. Herald - 2 War


Combined Cultural and War
Lurker / Mossy Zinc
7 - tie
War Only (streaks)
Morgant (5)
Alucard (5)
Twig (2)
Roland (4)
Cultural Only (highest score)
Alucard (4.87)
Morgant (4.23)
Skywalker (4.10)
Lurker (3.77)
Mossy Zinc (3.60)

Cultural Events

Large Dragon
Small Dragon
Blue and Yellow Dragon
Life & Death of a Gladiator
Mossy Zinc
Honey-Almond Bars
Man & Woman at Arms
Fighting Tunic
General Const.
Bone Choker
Legal Weapons
Small Boromir Shield
Safe Sword
Throwing Mug

Note: Scores are the mean of 5 judges.
Points for rankings are determined by the placing in
each event and the number of categories entered.

War Events

Single Dagger
Alucard / Orn
3 - tie
Single Shortsword
Skywalker / Balbazack
3 - tie
Double Shortsword
Shortsword and Shield
Flail and Shield
Open Weapon
Great Weapon

Note: Points were awarded for 1st-3rd
place and each win.

Crown Quals Results 1999/11/27

Overall Results

Combined Place Score
Roland 1 37.50
Glenalth 2 26.29
Cat 3 18.48
Tenore 4 14.50
Thail 5 7.33
Cultural Place Score
Glenalth 1 18.63
Cat 2 11.65
War Place Score
Roland 1 37.50
Tenore 2 14.50
Glenalth 3 7.66
Thail 4 7.33
Cat 5 6.83
Firefeather 6 6.33
Tally 7 6.00
Death (KJ) 8 5.83
Rook 9 5.00
Cadamus 10 4.00

Cultural Events

Art Item Score
Glenalth Weasel Boy 3.325
Cat The Warrior 3.575
Cat The Mage 4.425
Active Construction Item Score
Cat The Barbarian' Choice 4
Glenalth Breast Plate 3.55
Glenalth Barbarian Armor 4.525
Garb Item Score
Glenalth Scaled/Feathered Monster 3.075
Garb Accessory Item Score
Glenalth Bracelet - Flat 4.3
Glenalth Circlet 4.275
Cat Cloak Pin 3.65
Glenalth Spiral Bracelet 3.375
Passive Construction Item Score
Glenalth Magical Wand 3.6
Rose Item Score
Glenalth PV Website 4.175

Note: Scores are the average of 4 judges. Overall scores are the result of the average of each category being added together.

War Events

Single Short Weapon (19) Place
Roland 1
Thail 2
Alexandra 3
Tie - Death / Glenalth 4-5
Single Dagger (16) Place
Roland 1
Tenore 2
Cassandrah 3
Soulstealer 4
Tie - Cat / Darkwolf / Glenalth / Lennalf 5
Short Sword and Shield (14) Place
Roland 1
Death 2
Cat 3
Darkwolf 4
Tie - Firefeather / Gerwalk / Glenalth 5
Flail and Shield (14) Place
Roland 1
Tally 2
Glenalth 3
Cadamus 4
Tie - Cassandrah / Death / Thail 5
Polearm (14) Place
Roland 1
Tenore 2
Thail 3
Firefeather 4
Tie - Cat / Glenalth / Kor 5
Florentine Short (16) Place
Roland 1
Tenore 2
Rook 3
Tally 4
Tie - Cat / Gerwalk / Glenalth / Raban 5
Open (14) Place
Roland 1
Firefeather 2
Cat 3
Rook 4
Tie - Gerwalk / Lenalf / Soulstealer 5
Two Man Teams (7) Place
Roland/Tenore 1
Cadamus / Glenalth 2
Darkwolf / Gerwalk 3
Tie - 4 Teams in 4th 4-5

The Archery event was cancelled.

Note: 15 Points were divided up for 1st-5th place in each event. In a tie, points are split evenly. Points from the 2-Person Team category are halved. Overall score is the total from each category. The number following the category is the number of entrants.

February 2012 Crown Qualifications Results

February, 11 2012

First, I want to thank Regent Tesare for her hard work over the weekend. She compiled the relevant information and worked tirelessly with the judges. Thank you, judges and reeves for your work as well: Glenalth, Tiwaz, Nacoochee,Shayleigh, Styxx, Dakkenly, Ragnar, Kit, Marcil, and Shadydeal.

Regent Tesare has provided me with the following information for distribution on all lists.

Congratulations to Fu, Alucard, Shadow, and myself for qualifying for Hydras which automatically qualifies us for the respective offices we are seeking. Congratulations to Bjorn for qualifying to run for Champion.

During our Crown Qualifications, it was our honor to host Kingdom visitors who graced us with their presence: Randall, Francis, Lurker, Azwyn, and Cyrule.

There were 74 Arts & Sciences entries. From the look of the scores, there are certainly some talented members of our populace that will receive appropriate accolades and awards at our upcoming Masquerade Coronation on March 11th.

Regent Tesare served as an alternate judge, and her scores are denoted by an asterisk. Sir Alucard was our A&S Winner with 26.8 points points. I came in second place with 25 points, and Shadow took third place with 24.5. The raw scores and final score (the last number in each entry) is computed by dropping the highest and lowest scores and dividing by three:

Aelric Jewlery Chain 3.5 5 4 2.5 3.5 3.7

Aelric Armor Coat of Plates 4.5 4.8 4 3.25 4.25 4.25

Aelric Passive Construction Adventures Kit 4.4 5 4.5 4.2 4.25 4.4

Alucard Monster Garb Goblin Crown 4 5 4.4 3.5 3.75 4

Alucard Garb Accessory Belt & Favor 3.5 4 4 3 3.5 3.7

Alucard Needle Work Healer Sash 4 5 3.5 4.2 3.5 3.9

Alucard Jewlery Thor's Hammer 3.75 5 4 3.7 4 3.9

Alucard Photography Pictures 3.1 3.5 4 3.2 3 3.2

Alucard Safe Weapon Short Sword 3.1 4 3.5 3 3 3.2

Alucard Armor Goblin War Skirt 4 3.8 3.3 3.25 3.75 3.6

Alucard Active Construction Dagger Sheaths 3.3 4 4 3.1 3.5 3.6

Alucard Passive Construction Knife Sheaths 3.2 4 4 3.2 *4.5 3.7

Alucard Rose Dagger 3.2 4 3.5 3 3 3.2

Alucard Side Dish Goblin Bites 4.5 4 4 3 4 4

Bjorn Fighting Garb Sky Blue Tunic 3 3 2.5 3 3.25 3

Bjorn Poetry Barbaric Existence 3 3 3 4.5 4 3.3

Bjorn Fiction Antipalidan's Dirge 2.1 2.8 3 4 3 2.9

Bjorn Garb Accessory Warrior's Sash 3 4 3 3.1 3 3

Bjorn Flat Art Drawing 3.5 3 3.2 3 2.5 3

Bjorn Safe Weapon Javalin 3 3 3 2 2.25 2.75

Bjorn Unique Weapon Great Axe Modu 2.25 4 3 3 2.5 2.8

Bjorn Shield Fur Medium 0 4 2.8 0 0 0.9

Bjorn Active Construction Fireball 3.25 3.5 *3.5 3 3.25 3.3

Blaze Garb Accessory Horse Belt Favor 3.75 3 3.5 3 3 3.1

Blaze Flat Art Circle Picture 4 3 3 2 2.5 2.8

Blaze Unique Weapon Bunny Spell Ball 3.25 3.5 2.8 3 3 3

Blaze Rose Turkey Character Write-up 2.5 3 3 2 2.5 2.6

Blaze Dessert Lemon Cloud Pie 3.5 4 3 3.6 *4.5 3.7

Blaze Dessert Stawberries and Cream 3 3 3 3.4 3.5 3.1

Blink Jewlery Necklace 4.4 4 4 3 4.25 4

Blink Jewlery Ring 3.25 4 4 3 3 3.4

Dru-Kara Fighting Garb Bright Orange Tunic w/ Acorn 3.25 4 4.8 4.2 3.25 3.8

Dru-Kara Monster Garb Skirit Costume 3.1 3.5 3 3 3.75 3.2

Dru-Kara Garb Accessory Cat Mask 3 2.5 3 2.8 3 2.9

Dru-Kara Garb Accessory Warrior's Sash w/ Hearts *3.5 3.5 3.5 3 3.5 3.5

Dru-Kara Garb Accessory Zerg Hat w/ Eyes 3.1 3.2 3 2.5 3.5 3.1

Dru-Kara Garb Accessory Warrior's Sash w/ Embriodery 3.35 3.5 3 3 *4 3.2

Dru-Kara 3D Art Princess Charmng 4 3.5 3.2 *4.5 4 3.8

Dru-Kara Active Construction Black Throwing Dagger 3.4 3.5 3.2 3 3.5 3.3

Dru-Kara Recitation Bunnies! 3 3 4 3 2.5 3

Dru-Kara Rose Green Bag o' Hats 3 3 3 2.8 3.5 3

Dru-Kara Main Dish Turkey 4.25 3.5 3 2.5 4 3.5

Dru-Kara Condiment Turkey Gravy 3.5 4 3 3.1 3.5 3.3

Dru-Kara Dessert Broken Heart Macaroons 3.5 4 4 3.3 4 3.8

Fu Fighting Garb Maroon Youth Tabard 3 3.5 4 3.75 3 3.4

Fu Garb Accessory Gray Monk Sash 3.1 4.9 3 3.2 3.5 3.2

Fu Photography Great Snow Fort of PV 3.25 4 4 3.1 3.5 3.5

Fu Safe Weapon Short Sword Black 3 3.5 3 3.1 3 3

Fu Shield Red, Medium Kite 3 3.5 3 3 3 3

Fu Active Construction Entangle Ball 3.1 3.5 *3.5 3 3.25 3.2

Fu Main Dish Lemon-baked chicken 3 3.5 3 3.1 3.5 3.2

Isoud Fighting Garb Green Lantern Tunic 3.5 4 3.5 3.5 3.75 3.5

Isoud Fighting Garb Starcraft Tunic 3.75 4 3 3.1 3.25 3.3

Isoud Fighting Garb Fleece Tunic 3.5 4 3.8 3 3.5 3.6

Isoud Court Garb Ladies Purple Outfit 4.75 4 4 3.4 3.75 3.9

Isoud Garb Accessory Belt Favor 3.2 3.5 3.2 3.5 3.25 3.3

Isoud Flat Art Paper Cutting 4 3.5 3.2 4 4 3.8

Isoud Singing Parting Glass 4.5 4.5 4.5 3.1 4 4.3

Isoud Recitation Speak Now 4.25 4.5 4 3.7 3.5 3.9

Lurker Fighting Garb Red Tunic w/ Black Trime 4.35 5 4.5 4.3 3.25 4.3

Lurker Garb Accessory Blue-Green Hat w/ Fur 3.25 3.5 4.2 4 4 3.8

Lurker Active Construction Magic Bolt 3.1 3.5 3 3 3.5 3.2

Ragnar Flat Art Flat Art 5 4.2 3.5 3.75 4.5 4.15

Shadow Poetry Battlegame 3.75 3.2 4 4.5 3.25 3.6

Shadow NonFiction How to Feast 3.75 3 3 4.5 *3.5 3.4

Shadow Garb Accessory Wizard Sash and Balls 3 3 3 3 3.75 3

Shadow Kit Pirate Ship 3 4 3 3 3 3

Shadow Unique Weapon Brown Billy Club 3.5 3.5 3 3 3.5 3.3

Shadow Shield Red & Black 3 3 3 3 3 3

Shadow Rose Loaner Weapons 4.25 4 3 3 4 3.6

Shadow Side Dish Corn Bread 3 4 4 3.5 4.5 3.8

Shadow Dessert Red Velvet Cupcakes 4 3.5 3 4 4 3.8

Talifer Garb Accessory Fire Belt Favor 2.75 3.5 3 3 3 3

Talifer Unique Weapon Dagger Wand 1 3 3 3 1 2.3


On the tournament side, we had 18 participants. Shadow came in first place with 13 points, followed by Fu for second place with 10 points, and by Randall for third place with 8 points.

The Tournament Results are as follows:

Single Short -
1st - Shadow
2nd - Francis
3rd - Wemek

Double Short -
1st - Fu
2nd - Randall
3rd - Alucard

Sword and Shield -
1st - Randall
2nd - Shadow
3rd - Fu

Polearm -
1st - Alucard
2nd - Jak
3rd - Bjorn

Open Weapon -
1st - Shadow
2nd - Talifer
3rd - Fu

Two Man Teams -
1st - Marcil and Ventes
2nd - Bjorn and Fu
3rd - Alucard and Talifer

Thank you all for your participation, and the Duchy of Pegasus Valley looks forward to seeing you again for our Masquerade Coronation on March 11th.

Yours in Service,

Duchess Dru-Kara

Summer 2013 CQ Cultural Results

These are the cultural event results from the Crown Qualifications held on August 10th, 2013.

PDF of comprehensive scores at bottom of article.

Cultural Event Scores

Entrant Item Category Final Score
Sierra Appa Plushie 3D Art 4.56
Alucard Assassin's Antidote Holder Active Construction 4.06
Alucard Archer Protectors Active Construction 4.03
Alucard Lamellar Armor Armor 4.26
Talifer Jabberwocky Bardic: Recitation 4.1
Shadowcaster Sick Note Bardic: Song 4.1
Talifer Be Prepared Bardic: Song 4.03
Alucard Bread & Honey Butter Condiment 4.26
Lila Bruchetta Spread Condiment 3.63
Lila Chocolate Sheet Cake Dessert 4.43
Fu Impossible Pie Dessert 4
JAK Cookies Dessert 3.6
Alucard Bread Pudding Dessert 3.23
Lila Purple Pants Fighting Garb 3.73
Lila Pressed Flowers Flat Art 3.3
Alucard Utility Belt Garb Accessory 4.46
Alucard Purple Pouch Garb Accessory 4.33
JAK Black Belt Garb Accessory 4.03
Fu Barbarian Sash Garb Accessory 3.56
Lila Leather Pouch Garb Accessory 3.26
Lila Rosey Meatballs Main Dish 4.03
Shadowcaster Gumbo Main Dish 3.4
Alucard Inkle Belt Needlework 4.2
Alucard Arrows & Quiver Passive Construction 4.33
Lia Soap Bars Passive Construction 4.1
Alucard Haiku Poetry 3.76
JAK Brown Dagger Rose 4.16*
Phoenix Simpson Red Wand Rose 4.16*
Fu Blue Dagger Rose 4.1*
Lila Pink Dagger Rose 4*
Phoenix Simpson Blue Wand Rose 4*
Tristan Willow Tink Tunic Rose 3.83*
Fu Purple Sword Safe Weapon 3.6
JAK Brown Sword Safe Weapon 3.56
Alucard Blue Sword Safe Weapon 3.23
Shadowcaster Ultra Light Sword Safe Weapon 0.66
Shadowcaster Black Shield Shield 3.26
Lila Spelt Flour Crackers Side Dish 3.66
JAK Javelin Unique Weapon 4.4
Alucard Modu Unique Weapon 4.2
Fu Purple Javelin Unique Weapon 3.36
Shadowcaster Training Sword Unique Weapon 3.03

* Rose entries are awarded an adtional .5 to the final score.

Gaming Events

Roc 1st Checkers Qualified
Shadowcaster 2nd Checkers Qualified
Filkus 1st Chess Qualified
Talifer 1st Hearts Qualified
Roc 2nd Hearts Qualified
Nagol 1st Hot Dog Eating Qualified
Shadowcaster 2nd Hot Dog Eating Qualified
Dakkenly 3rd Hot Dog Eating Qualified
Summer 2013 PV Crown Quals.pdf77.61 KB

Summer 2013 CQ War Results

These are the war event results from the Crown Qualifications held on August 10th, 2013.

War Event Placings

Event 1st 2nd 3rd
Single Short Talifer Anatole Bjorn
Double Short Anatole Fu Belthil
Sword & Shield Belthil Fu Balder
Reach Belthil Anatole Amatiel
Flail & Shield Anatole Shadowcaster JAK
Open Anatole Balder Shadowcaster

War Event Results

Overall Pts Player
1st 21 Anatole
2nd 11 Belthil
3rd 6 Fu
4th 5 Talifer
5th - tie 4 Balder
5th - tie 4 Shadowcaster
7th - tie 1 Bjorn
7th - tie 1 Amatiel
7th - tie 1 JAK

Summer 2014 Crown Qualification Results

These are the event results from the Crown Qualifications held on August 16th, 2014.

Cultural Event Scores

Entrant Category Event Description Score
Silk Art 3-D Dragon’s Eye Pendant 4.26
Silk Art 3-D Pirate Ring 4.06
Glenalth Art Media Goat 3.60
Glenalth Art Media After the Monsoon 3.56
Amatiel Art 3-D Magic Knife 3.53
Silk Art 3-D Freeform Turquoise 3.50
Kriv Art 2-D Self-Portrait 3.26
Shadowcaster Art 3-D Shot Set Up 3.20
Styxx Art Jewelry Purple Flower Knights Chain 3.20
Shadowcaster Bardic Recitation How the Sea got It’s Salt 3.90
Glenalth Construction Unique Weapon “Law’s Edge” 4.50
Glenalth Construction Weapon Throwing Hammer 4.16
Amatiel Construction Shield Blue Draco 4.00
Belthil Construction Unique Weapon Monk Book 3.93
Bai Fhu Construction Shield Red Shield 3.86
Bai Fhu Construction Unique Weapon Battle Fan 3.80
Glenalth Construction Passive Prototype Potion Flask 3.80
Amatiel Construction Unique Weapon Leaf Blade 3.73
Amatiel Construction Armor Quilted White with Red Trim 3.56
Amatiel Construction Shield Heart Piece 3.53
Amatiel Construction Shield Cpt. America 3.50
Shadowcaster Construction Active Light Down Spear 3.36
Amatiel Construction Unique Weapon Silver Blade 3.30
Bai Fhu Construction Weapon Heavy Flail 3.30
Glenalth Construction Active Entangle Balls 2X 3.30
Belthil Construction Active Sphere of Annihilation 3.16
Kriv Construction Unique Red-Bladed Cleaver 3.16
Amatiel Construction Active Pink People Pegger 3.13
Bai Fhu Construction Banner Red Banner 3.13
Belthil Construction Weapon Loaner Dagger 3.13
Kriv Construction Armor Leather Greave 3.10
Amatiel Construction Active Entangle Ball 3.06
Shadowcaster Construction Unique Weapon Chakram 3.06
Belthil Construction Shield Loaner Shield 3.03
Shadowcaster Construction Shield Buckler 3.00
Bai Fhu Construction Weapon Flail 2.30
Bai Fhu Cooking Main Dish Carolina Style Pulled Pork 4.06
Shadowcaster Cooking Main Dish Evil Pizza 3.90
Glenalth Cooking Side Dish Bread 3.80
Glenalth Cooking Dessert Pretzel Crusted Brownies 3.76
Bai Fhu Cooking Side Dish Carolina Style Coleslaw 3.50
Shadowcaster Cooking Dessert Orange Chill 3.50
Shadowcaster Cooking Side Dish Sliced Goblin Fingers 3.23
Shadowcaster Cooking Side Dish Fresh Goblin Dip 3.20
Glenalth Garb Fighting Druid Set: Tabard and Sash 3.80
Belthil Garb Fighting Wheel Hood 3.73
Amatiel Garb Court Shiny Blue Sleeveless 3.63
Amatiel Garb Fighting Fairy Tale Red Vest with Black Trim 3.63
Amatiel Garb Accessory Page Belt 3.60
Glenalth Garb Fighting Yellow and Blue Tunic 3.56
Amatiel Garb Fighting Blue Sleeveless Tunic 3.46
Amatiel Garb Accessory Man-at-Arms Belt 3.43
Bai Fhu Literature Fiction Letters 3.70
Shadowcaster Literature Fiction Vampire Battlegame 3.43
Kriv Literature Fiction The Story of Kriv The Foreboding 3.33
Shadowcaster Literature Media PV Foam Fight Club 2.00
Glenalth Rose Active Assassin’s Kit: Black Sash, Red Poison Strip, Throwing Dagger 3.83
Glenalth Rose Active 2 Reeve Sashes 3.56
Bai Fhu Rose Shield Black Buckler 3.30
Belthil Rose Weapon Loan Weapon Bag 3.30
Glenalth Rose Active Loaner/Prize, Wizard: 2 Sashes, 6 Enchantment Strips 3.30
Shadowcaster Rose Weapon Short Sword 3.13

War Event Placing and Scores

Entrant Score
Anatole 26pts
Belthil 22pts
Amatiel 8pts
Shadowcaster 4pts
Kierra 1pt
Kriv 1pt
Bai Fhu 1pt
List 1st 2nd 3rd
Two-Person Teams Belthil & Anatole Amatiel & Shadowcaster Kierra & Kriv
Double Short Anatole Amatiel Belthil
Hinged & Shield Belthil Anatole Bai Fhu
Reach Belthil Anatole Shadowcaster
Short Sword Anatole Belthil Amatiel
Dagger Anatole Belthil Amatiel

Winter 2014 CQ Cultural Results

These are the cultural event results from the Crown Qualifications held on February 1st, 2014.

Cultural Event Scores

Entrant Category Event Description Score
Mireloth Art Jewelry chainmail bracelet 4.1
Mireloth Art Jewelry chainmail necklace 4.0
Glenalth Art Jewelry box chain 3.9
Shadowcaster Art 3D Art demo on wrap shots 3.9
Styxx Art Needlework kumihimo cording 3.9
Mireloth Art Jewelry pendant necklace 3.8
Mireloth Art Jewelry chainmail/bead bracelet 3.8
Belthil Art 3D Art painted shield 3.7
Glenalth Art Media Waiting 3.6
Glenalth Art Media Around the Ranch 3.5
Mireloth Art Kit beaded bracelet 3.4
Styxx Art Kit dragon plate 3.4
Shadowcaster Bardic Recitation Haiku of Belthil 4.4
Shadowcaster Bardic Recitation Russian Ghost Story 4.0
Glenalth Bardic Recitation The Challenger 3.8
Balder Bardic Singing Rains of Castamere 3.7
Tristan Willow Bardic Singing Let It Go 3.1
Balder Bardic Recitation A Poem 2.8
Balder Construction Unique Weapon fencing sword 4.0
Balder Construction Weapon flail 3.7
Glenalth Construction Armor helm prototype 3.7
Balder Construction Active Construction fire ball 3.3
Belthil Construction Active Construction fire ball 3.3
Shadowcaster Construction Unique Weapon flail 3.2
Balder Construction Active Construction berserk strip 3.1
Shadowcaster Construction Weapon long sword 3.1
Belthil Construction Weapon sword 1.7
Shadowcaster Cooking Condiment goblin sauce 3.8
Shadowcaster Cooking Main Dish chili 3.8
Belthil Cooking Dessert cookies 3.7
Glenalth Cooking Side Dish loaf of bread 3.6
Glenalth Cooking Condiment honey butter 3.5
Glenalth Cooking Dessert cookie bars 3.5
Shadowcaster Cooking Vintners green tea with mint 3.3
Shadowcaster Cooking Dessert fudge 3.2
Shadowcaster Cooking Side Dish chef salad 3.0
Balder Garbing Court Garb green and white shirt 4.1
Styxx Garbing Garb Accessory inkle loom weave 4.0
Glenalth Garbing Garb Accessory leather straps 3.9
Belthil Garbing Fighting Garb tabard 3.7
Balder Garbing Court Garb green vest 3.5
Balder Garbing Fighting Garb Wheel tunic 3.3
Balder Garbing Garb Accessory wolf hat 3.3
Belthil Garbing Garb Accessory cowl 3.2
Balder Garbing Garb Accessory healer sash 3.1
Tristan Willow Garbing Court Garb mermaid skirt 2.9
Glenalth Literature Non-Fiction helm tutorial 3.8
Balder Literature Poetry A Silly Haiku 2.0
Shadowcaster Rose Rose shield 3.6

Winter 2014 CQ War Results

PV!!! Today's tournaments were great!!
Had an awesome yet frigid time today but I feel it was all worth it.
I'd like to commend the fighters for all their hard work and honour.

Single short-
1) Shadowcaster
2) White Wolf
3) Balder
1) Belthil
2) Shadowcaster
3) Alexander
Sword & Board-
1) Shadowcaster
2) Belthil
3) Jak
1) White Wolf
2) Belthil
3) Shadowcaster
DS Open
1) Belthil
2) White Wolf
3) Amatiel
1) Shadowcaster
2) White Wolf
3) Belthil

The top spots today were
Third place - White Wolf with 14 points and win streaks of 3,4,7,4.
Second place - Belthil with 17 points and win streaks of 5,3,4,5,5.
First place - Shadowcaster with 19 points and win streaks of 5,5,7.

dagger-winners.jpg34.63 KB
dagger-losers.jpg41.9 KB
doubleshort-winners.jpg45.38 KB
doubleshort-losers.jpg91.32 KB
open-winners.jpg43.86 KB
open-losers.jpg36.14 KB
reach-winners.jpg80.06 KB
reach-losers.jpg72.21 KB
singleshort-winners.jpg45.16 KB
singleshort-losers.jpg90.22 KB
sword+shield-winners.jpg79.13 KB
sword+shield-losers.jpg72.69 KB
twoman-winners.jpg38.47 KB
twoman-losers.jpg16.91 KB

Election Results

Reign XLVII Election Results

Here are the results of our summer 2016 elections and our incoming officers.

Greetings Pegasus Valley.

The results of the crown election are as follows:
Bai Hu is our new monarch with 6 votes yes and 2 no confidence
Balder is our new regent with 7 votes yes and 1 no confidence
Xantcha is our new champion (I was corrected that champion is not an elected position but It was in the ballots so here are the numbers) 7 votes yes 1 vote no confidence
Kierra remains our heiress apparent with 8 votes yes and 0 no confidence

Thank you for voting!

- Anthros, Chancellor of Pegasus Valley

Summer 2009 Election Results

Lurker - 7
No Confidence - 3

Anti-Paladin - Alucard
Assassin - Tal Nada Thorn
Healer - Marcil
Monk - Autumn
Monster - Cassandrah
Paladin - Glenalth
Scout - Marcil
Warrior - Skywalker
Wizard - Lor

There will be an Althing next week to determine who will be Regent, Guildmaster of Reeves, and the remaining class guildmasters.

Winter 2009 Election Results

Baroness Lila von Weiss as Monarch
Confidence 14, no 0

Beladonna Nightshade Scarpaw as Regent
Beladonna Nightshade Scarpaw 11, Contessa Cassandrah Catrina Scarpaw 3

Lord Marcil Firestalker Woodsman as Heir Apparent
Confidence 9, no 3, abstain 2

The Champion's Tournament between Orgasmatron the Climaxilis and Tiwaz Gustav Ormandson will be postponed to next weekend (2/28) due to sickness.

Guildmasters for the next reign...

Anti-Paladin: Pending
Archer: Grellen
Assassin: Pending
Barbarian: Lurker the Pie-us
Bard: Lurker the Pie-us
Druid: Baron Kategar
Healer: Baron Kategar
Monk: Pending
Monster: Tiwaz Gustav Ormandson
Paladin: Pending
Peasant: Lord Lorithavon
Reeve: Lord F'lar Starfire
Scout: Lord Marcil Firestalker Woodsman
Warrior: Baron Seamus "Skywalker"
Wizard: Pending


Archived forms and blank sign-in sheets.

Masterhood Request Form for Guildmasters83.46 KB

Magic Items

This is the registry of magics and magical items of Pegasus Valley.

For detailed information on the use of magic items in games, see page 21 of the rules of play.




Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors meetings, business meetings, althings, and other meeting minutes from the past.

Board of Directors

Current and past members of the Board of Directors and archive of meeting minutes.


President: Robyn Richards (Cassandrah)
Vice-President: Adam Wester (Silk)
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn (Mossy)
Secretary: Andrea Reyes-Heacock (Lila)
Liason: James Wright (Orgy)
Alternate: Shawnna Wright (Beladonna)


President: Andrea Heacock-Reyes (Lila)
Vice-President: Andre Reyes (Alucard)
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn (Mossy)
Secretary: Robert McClenahan (Kate)
Liason: Empty
Alternate: John Riley (Tiwaz)

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/12/15


President: Andrea Heacock-Reyes
Monarch: Andre Reyes
Vice-President: Kennette Weatherford
Prime Minister/Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn

Convened: 12:37pm

Corporate Status Discussion: Primary Absent; Discussion Tabled.

Treasurer's Report:
Feast Costs: Food $125 + Hall $65
Feast Proceeds: $80
Feast Net: -$110

Bank Account: $659.95
Cash Box: $288.44

Discussed Additional Fundraising Efforts:
Proposed Efforts:
Additional Donors for Bake Sale Effort.
Sale of Class Sashes and Safe Weapons.

PM Audit Report: No Anomalies - Transfer of Documents Successful.

Board Elections:
Determined not to delay elections to February as has been done in the past.
Elections set for January 12th 2008.

Adjourned 12:58pm

Robert McClenahan

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/11/10


President Andrea Heacock-Reyes
Vice President Kennette Weatherford
Monarch Andre Reyes
Secretary Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister Chris Tillman
Alternate Cindy Ploen
Treasurer Jeff Moehn
Liaison Chris Shatuck

Convene 12:53 pm mst

PM Audit: Shall be conducted by the treasurer on or about midreign to be reported on at the next board meeting.

Audit shall include:
POBox Number and keys, date of last payment, and due date of next payment
sheets, waivers, and ORK password
Review bank statements and verify funds.
Review work for kingdom audit.

BoD will discuss changing of signers on bank account at next meeting.

Corporate Status:

Corporate status is not required by either contract with Amtgard Inc or Dragonspine corpora. Verbiage on Dragonspin Contract unavailable.
Contact with Elspeth suggests that we need state status before we can get federal.
Cindy will request any documents available from the state corporation commission.
Robert will visit the IRS office and attempt to get our Tax ID#
The pros and cons of the various tax status will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Corpora Project:

Reeve and Corpora certification proposal: Note anyone bassing a reeve or corpora test as reeve or corpora certified respectively. And specify how long said certifications last. Exact vebiage pending.
Test composition proposal: Call for additional stipulations about how a reeve and corpora tests are written. Exact Verbiage pending.
Tabled until corpora considered as a whole.

Article VI: Crown Quals:
Previous changes reviewed and accepted.
No New Changes.
Article Tabled.

Article VII: Awards and Honors
Previous changes reviewed and accepted.
Removed clause allowing man-at-arms garb to be a plain black belt.
Discussed moving Defender and Walker of the Middle from Titles of Nobility and adding a Titles of Service section as the ability for those titles to take pages or men-at-arms seems dubious. Concensus became that the distinction was moot, as most individuals to have either title are likely to have another title elegible to have a page or man-at-arms. No changes made.
Verified modes of address vs Dragonspine corpora; Mode of address notation added to Lord (Lady).
Minimal Changes; Article Tabled.

Article VIII: Sponsored Chapters
Tabled until next Meeting due to time constraints.

Note: Article IX: Board of Directors will be made available for discussion at the next meeting, time permitting.

Adjournment: 1:42 pm mst

Robert McClenahan
BoD Secretary

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/10/13

Members Attending:

President: Andrea Heacock-Reyes
Vice-President: Kennett Weatherford
Monarch: Andre Reyes
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Alternate: Cindy Ploen
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn (1:15)
Liaison: Chris Shattuck (1:10)

Convene: 12:32 pm mdt

Corporate Status:
Needs to be renewed.
Robert - to determine what contractual obligations Pegasus Valley has towards having/maintaining corporate status.
Cindy - to look into what is needed to gain state/federal corporate status.
Andrea - to contact a former member who previously worked towards our corporate status.

Disposition of contracts with Dragon Spine and Burning Lands needs to be determined. Task not delegated.

Treasurers Report:
$364.54 in cash box
$724.95 in bank
$1089.49 total

PM Audit
Records will need to be audited before the next PM takes office.
Since election is after next board meeting, the audit official will be determined from the corpora and a date will be set at the next board meeting.

Corpora Discussion:

Privileges for paying dues were not listed elsewhere as previously thought. Section outlining those privileges added to government article, reviewed and approved.

Article VI: Crown Qualifications:

Under Qualification Requirements:
Added cross-reference to cultural events and warmaster sections for how to earn relevant qualifications.

Under Cultural Events:
Added descriptive verbiage to events in the bardic category.

Under Warmaster:
Completely revised qualification passage.
Added infraction call out.
Added penalty call out describing each penalty.
Added penalty upgrade procedure describing how the harsher penalties can be given.

Under Champions Tourney:
Corrected typo and number agreement error in line pertaining to one qualifying candidate.

Article VII: Awards and Honors:

General Information:
Added allowance for awards to be automatic if the award description specifies that it is.

Non-Standard Orders and Masterhood:
Changed requirements for hydra to qualifying in seven cultural events and five fighting events during crown qualifications. Added notation that hydra is normally automatic.

Rights of Station
Changed section title from "Rights of Knighthood".
Added call out for Noble accouterments and perquisites.
Noted reservation of crowns and cornets to nobles and ability to take pages and men-at-arms.
Verified that perquisites was spelled correctly (it has a different meaning from prerequisites).

Noted that only knights may take squires.
Removed limitaion on number of squires, pages, or men-at-arms a knight may have.

Removed consent of knight from requirement for a squire to take pages or men-at-arms. Removed implicit limitation to one page and one man-at-arms.

Added notation that a person may not be a Page or Man-at-Arms for someone that is not entitled to have a page or man-at-arms.

Titles of Nobility
Added Equivalents taken from the Burning Lands Corpora to relevant titles.
Removed reference to pages and men-at-arms as relevant information was added to Rights of Station section.

Order of Prestige
Moved reference to role-play to the second line from the first.

Switched order of GMR and PM.
Added Count after Duke.
Moved Heir Apparent below Lord
Combined Weaponmaster, Warmaster, and Arts and Science Champion and added Dragonmaster.
Changed all other positions to all other court positions.

Adjourned 1:35pm mdt

Robert McClenahan

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/9/15

Monarch: Andre Reyes
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen

Convened: 12:15pm mdt

Move to fill vacancies:

Andrea Heacock-Reyes as President: Pass 5-0
Kennette Weatherford as Vice-President: Pass 5-0
Chris Shattuck as Liaison: Pass 5-0

Corpora Article V: Government

Under Elections: Clarified statement regarding the invalidation of proxy votes.

Under Impeachment: Removed veto clause if monarch or prime minister is the subject. Added clause allowing other officers to override the veto.

Under Dues: Moved newsletter entitlement to Membership article with other benefits of paying dues.

Article Tabled until full corpora review.

Article VI: Crown Qualifications

Under General information and Qualification Requirements: Changed call out of entering fighting events to qualifying in fighting events.

Under Cultural Events/Categories: Changed wording on heading to put category first and event second. Added the word Category after each category (e.g. Garbing Category). Added Gaming Category; moved from gaming section. Added Demonstration event to Bardic Category.

Under Cultural Events/Entries: Removed allowance to get more than one qual from the Rose event. Removed the limitation from getting more than three quals from a single category.

Under Cultural Events/Gaming: Removed qual guidelines and replaced with scoring method to allow up to three entrants to qual.

Under Warmaster Tourney: Added section describing how to qualify in fighting events.

Adjourned: 1:41pm mdt

Robert McClenahan
BoD Secretary

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/8/11


President: Elena Moreno
Monarch/Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen

Call to Order: 12:40 pm mdt

Corpora Article IV: Positions
Particular attention called to new combined Guild Master section.

Scribe: Added call out for PM to submit a dues paid list for the newsletter.
Added a notation that the newsletter should be disseminated monthly.

Concern expressed over New Guild Master of Heraldry being separate from other Guild Masters. As a "lifetime" position consensus was to keep it separate. Suggestion made to change the name of the position, idea like but lacked a acceptable alternate name.

Glenalth was previously contacted about the Troll position. He commented, "I can do monthly updates if people give me things to update with on a monthly basis."

Corpora Article IV: Positions
Accepted with minimal changes

Corpora Article V: Government
First Discussion

Under Elections:
Election Official:
* Add notation that since the Prime minister has a seat on the board he is disqualified from running board elections.
* Changed time frame for selecting the election official if the GMR is also disqualified from four weeks to two weeks; the same as the time frame to declare for office.
* Changed the language for the advice from the GMR to the newly minted election official to be only on the day the election official is determined and only if the election official asks for it.
Specific Elections:
* Expanded note under Monarch, Regent, and Heir Apparent to specify that requirements for office are in the Crown Quals Article.
* Discussed removing requirements for office of Prime Minister if listed elsewhere; they are not list anywhere else clause kept.
* Corrected Typo in Prime Minister requirements.
'3' repeated under Elections; corrected enumeration.

* Added call out that officer elections and board elections shall be done in writing and saved in chapter records. Others shall be conducted by consensus.
* Proxy votes may only be cast for written ballots.
* Changed elegibility call out and made its own bullet point: Normally only voting members may vote; certain elections may allow additional members to vote or further restrict who may vote.
Under Impeachment:
Grounds for Impeachment:
* Clarified criminal activity to apply to activities undertaken while in office and as defined under violations in the Mundane Law article.
* Changed Dereliction of duty to Malfeasance, Misfeasance, or Nonfeasance.
Under Allthing:
* Clarified frequency to once each calendar month.
* Removed clause to allow scheduled allthings to be cancelled; an all thing can be quickly adjourned if there is no business.
* Added clause that multiple allthings may occur in a single month with or without notice.
* Moved notation that votes must be announce a week before hand from Purpose
* Clarify procedure to be parlimentary procedure.
Under Changing the RoP and the Chorpora
* Added stipulation that organizers of tournaments and battlegames may make special stipulations to the rules that apply only for the durration of their event.
Amending the Corpora:
* Reprased failed amendment proceedure for clarity.
* Clarified what happens to a killed amendment.
Under Dues and Treasury Policy
* Removed dues amount; replaced with referrence to the RoP that specifies the ammount for dues.
* Removed call outs for who writes and signs checks; replaced with a stipulation that checks must have two signatures.
* added notation that the BoD determines who may sign on the account.
Elena announced that with the end of her term as Regent she will be transferring her credits to lost souls and will no longer be elegible to serve on our BoD. See will be present at the next BoD meeting to oversee the transfer.

Due to our participation in the state fair parade, the next meeting has been pushed back to 9/15/07.

Adjourned: 1:40 pm mdt

Robert McClenahan
BoD Secretary

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/7/14


President: Elena Moreno
Monarch/Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen

Convened 12:15 pm mdt

Board Vacancies: No interest has been expressed to any board members; Vacancies will be announced at Allthing.

Waiver Updates for 2007: Only applies to Waivers on file dated prior to 1/1/07. A separate signature sheet be generated; signing this sheet will attest that the individuals waiver has been

reviewed and the information is still accurate. If the information on the waiver is inaccurate a new waive shall be filed.

Corpora Article 3: (Officers) Accepted as modified.

Corpora Article 4: (Positions)

Under Marshal:
Changed reference to passing a reeve test to being a member of the reeve guild; passing a reeve test is the requirement to be in the reeve guild.
Added notation that the position of may be filled by a group of people in rotation.
Removed vacancy notes.

Consolidated all types of guildmaster into one group: Guild Masters with Common call out for general responsibilities.
Added subsection for Fighting Guilds (all standard classes and monsters)
Changed requirement that fighting class guild master be dues paid to an active member of the guild.
Changed parsing on appointment of GMs of Warriors and Monsters in the absence of a guild for clarity, meaning unchanged.
Removed reference to specific awards under arts and science guilds; general call outs allow guild masters to recommend guild members for any award.

Court Herald
Removed responsibility to keep and protect group heraldry.

Guild Master of Heraldry added.
Given own heading (and not folded into guild master group) due to significant differences in appointment, term of service, and responsibilities.
Lifetime position.
Holder may step down with notice given.
Nominated by the Monarch and voted on by the allthing.
May be removed by joint agreement of monarch and prime minister and a 2/3 vote of the allthing.
Responsible for keeping and protecting group heraldry.

Added lifetime position language similar to guild master of heraldry.
Added responsibility to update webpage at least on the 1st of each month.

Article 4 (Positions) will be reviewed again at next BoD meeting

Article 5 (Government) will be reviewed for the first time.

Adjourned 1:15 pm mdt

Robert McClenahan

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/6/9

BoD minutes for 6/9/07

Meeting Called to order at 12:13 pm MDT

President: Elena Moreno
Monarch/Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen

Corpora Article 3: Officers

Under General Information
Removed clause allowing an Allthing to excuse absenteeism because of attendance at other Amtgard functions. Added clause to allow up to two absences a month be excused with verified

attendance at other amtgard functions.

Under Monarch and Regent
Changed wording on term limit clause to use the number two instead of three; meaning unchanged.

Under Regent
Remove limitation preventing the Regent from receiving awards and honors while in office.

Under Champion
Add responsibility: The champion shall have ultimate responsibility for safety on the field of play.
Changed weapon checks to monthly and removed reference to specific dates. Added clause to cover spot checks.

Under Prime Minister
Changed Election responsibility to chief elections officer. The Prime Minister must certify all elections. Added reference to Elections section under government. Removed call outs for

elections the Prime Minister usually does not administer.
Added clause to waivers that they be maintained in a secure fashion and brought to the park each week.
Corrected typo in on-line records call out.
Moved financial responsibility section to BoD article (final disposition tabled until BoD article discussed)
Replaced with cash box responsibility. No more than 10% of the treasury should be kept in the cash box.

Under Guild Master of Reeves
Replaced call outs to specific elections run by the GMR with reference to the Elections section under Government.

Under Vacancies
Changed requirements to required a pro-tem officer to pass a reeve and corpora test.
Changed pro-tem GMR call out to specify that they do not have to pass a corpora test.
Added stipulation: a pro-tem officer who has not passed a reeve and corpora test (if required) has six weeks to pass such tests or they will step down.

Article 4: Positions tabled do to length of discussion on article 3.

Board position of Liaison vacated: agreed to announce call for volunteers at Allthing.

Board Member Richard Silva (Vice President) absent for 3 of 4 meetings. President to discuss disposition with absent member.

Treasurer's Report:

Bank: $1046.75
Cash Box: $134.67
Feast: $87.00 (not yet received)

Feast costs: ~$92
Feast Net: -$5.

Adjourned 1:29 pm MDT

Robert McClenahan
BoD Secretary

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/5/12

Convened 1:06 pm MDT

President: Elena Moreno
Secretary/Monarch: Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen
Vice President: Richard Silva (1:30pm)

Corpora Article 2: Accepted as modified, provided typo is corrected. Vote 5-0 pass.
Corpora Article 3:
Under General Information:
Added call out for when terms of office start and end.
Moved PM term of office from PM section to here.
Added cross reference to elections and crown qualifications.
Corrected typo.

Under Monarch, Regent, and Champion.
Moved first point to start of responsibilities.

Under Monarch, Regent, Champion, and Guild Master of Reeves
Moved qualifications call out to Article governing Crown Qualifications.

Under Monarch and Regent
Moved awards and honors call out to Article governing Awards and Honors.
Added cross reference under responsibilities.

Under Prime Minister
Moved election and qualifications call out to Elections section under Government.
Eliminated need for written contract for finantial responsibility; made consent given upon taking up the office.

Under Guild Master of Reeves
added stipulation that the list of members who have passed reeve or corpora test be shared with the Prime Minister.

Under Vacancied
Added note that an acting Monarch may make recomendations to the incomming pro-tem monarch for filling offices or positions and awards and honors.

Revisions for Article 3 will be reviewed at next BoD meeting; Article 4 will be presented as well.

Treasurers Report:
Suplies purchased for RGHG dagger sales and fight-a-knight.
File Box for document storage purchase.
Storage Unit Payment Made.

Signers on Bank Account:
Chris Tillman, Steve Walker, Jeff Moehn.

Call to add Robert McClenahan as signer. Vote: 5-0 pass.

Caveat: If account is limited to three signers Steve Walker to be removed.
Steve present and consenting. Vote: 5-0 pass.

Storage Unit Fund Raising:
Bake Sale to be resumed: Cindy has pledged to take ownership of project.
Monthly BBQ proposed: Vote: 5-0 pass.

Adjourned 2:03pm MDT

Robert McClenahan
BoD Secretary.

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/4/14

Minutes for the BoD Meeting of 4/14/07


President: Elena Moreno "Dru-Kara" (12:11)
Monarch/Secretary: Robert McClenahan "Kate Ghanston"
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn "Mossy"
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman "Styxx Nobleheart"
Liason: Sarah Budai "Tie Dye" (12:11)
Alternate: Cindy Ploen "Shayleigh"

Convened: 11:55 am MDT

Los Lunas Chapter: No contact - Tabled

Shared Feasts: First Feast Free; Shire must contribute 20%; Sharing chapter must
be under DS and have signed contracts. Pass 4-0

Credit Transfer to Santa Fe: Shire must be set up in the ORK. A hard copy of
the records transfered will be retained.

Treasurers Report: Bank: $1277.32 (unchanged) Cashbox: $123.47. Payment made
for storage unit ($39).

Corpora Article I: Accepted as written.

Corpora Article II:

Members: Added stipulation that legal guardian must attend with underage

Voting Members: Add stipulation that dues may not be paid on the day of
elections. Add stipulation that they must have signed in at least six times in
the last six months.

Credits: Regular Meeting: Add caveat for unscheduled events.
Events: Remove sign in validation for attending at another chapter.
Maximum: Add exception for incentive credits awarded at the discretion of the
monarch and Prime Minister.

Termination: Separate last section and change to Suspension. Move suspension
ahead of termination. Remove the clause allowing discretion in exceeding the
guidelines for suspending a member. Added stipulation that an allthing must be
called for the next regular meeting to present to the populous the grounds for
suspension. The suspended member may be present to speak for himself. The
allthing may overturn the suspension with a 2/3 vote. The monarch may ask the
allthing to upgrade the suspension to permanent termination; enacted by a 2/3
vote. The suspension may be appealed to a regularly scheduled allthing, but
must be announced a week ahead of time. Suspension lenth shall be at the
discretion of the monarch but shall not exceed 6 months.

Revisions of Article II to be reviewed at next BoD meeting.

Adjourned: 12:55 pm MDT

Kate Ghanston
BoD Secretary

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/3/17

President: Dru-Kara
Monarch/Secretary: Kate
Treasurer: Mossy
Prime Minister: Styxx
Populace: Shayleigh

Call to order: 11:46am MDT

PV Corpora: The board determined that discussion for the proposed corpora will be taken article by article at future BoD meetings. Next meeting will be articles I & II (they are relatively small).

Santa Fe Chapter: Confederation discussed and declined. Shared feasts were acceptable if expenses were shared.

Feast Report: Net -$20. Least negative feast we’ve had in quite a while.

Los Lunas Chapter: Minimal information available, further investigation will be done.

Event Sponsorship: Dru-Kara wishes to promote the mass attendance of PV at inter-kingdom events. To that end special fund raising events are proposed. Rakis, Clan, and Harvest War were discussed as sponsor-able events. Harvest War removed from the list as it is our own event and our main fund raiser. Carpool incentives are under discussion as is the rental of a U-Haul trailer. Determination to limit any sponsorships to dues paid members was made.

Treasurer’s Report: $1277.32 in the bank and about $200 in the cash box. Approximately $1500 total. Storage unit costs $39/mo.

State Corporate Status: Not enough information to move.

501c3 Status (Educational Group): May not qualify, but not enough information to move.

Tabard/Tunic Design Contest: Will be held at Dragonmaster. All entries must be in PV colors (White/Blue) entries can (should) also be enter into the Dragonmaster (as garb or rose). All entries are to be donated to PV. The purpose is to promote PV visibility at inter-kingdom events.

Shayleigh voted in as BoD Alternate.

Adjourned at 12:36pm MDT

Kate Ghanston
BoD Secretary

B.O.D. Minutes - 2006/4/8

>>>B.O.D. Meeting April 8,2006

Location: The Park
Attendance: Cindy, Chris, Jolie, Will, Jeff, Kate, & Annette.
Called to order: April 8, 2006 at 11:50 A.m.

>>>Cindy called the meeting to order at 11:50 A.m. It was mentioned that Lila & André were in Portales for their Crown Quals and that they would not be here.

>>>Cindy asked Jeff for a report. He said that he talked with Raelys and that all we have to do is become registered with the State as a Non-profit organization then they would be happy to help us. Jeff also told us that he dropped off the information to Steve.

>>>Cindy brings up that she wants to get two things accomplished this reign.
1.) Getting our tax status changed
2.) Acquiring a storage unit for the group

>>>Mossy brings up that his family has a storage unit that could be used. Cindy brings up that the reason we want to get a "community" one is so that if someone is not here, that there would be someone at the park with a key. Also that if it was in someone's yard and they did not want to be in the game anymore that how would we move it and where.

>>>Cindy then asks Mossy to please take calling and finding out about the best priced units at a decent location. How much is it a month. Chris brings up that we should also ask them how much it would be a year to rent. Cindy mentions that if we bring up being a NPO that they may give us a discount.

>>>Cindy brings up the uses for the storage unit would be to store the feast gear, extra park gear. We would also have a Lost & Found that would be brought to the park. If know one claims it be the end of a reign then the items will be donated to P.V. for new members or others to use.

>>>Cindy then brings up that now we have to think of fund raising ideas to raise money for the storage unit and for the up keep of it. Annette mentions a bake sale. As we are close to an intersection to advertise and bring traffic around. Also that being a Nonprofit organization that we would have to list what we were raising the money for. Cindy asks what we think about having the BOD having a cookout at the park once a month. People said it sounded good. We did not vote on these things yet. It was decided that we would hold off until the next meeting to work on more fundraising ideas and to get final touches on the ones we already mentioned.

>>>Annette brings up that their roommate works online and does editing work for several people. That he mentioned to her about making a commercial for the local P.V. group. That maybe we could use it to send out to schools and theaters to help get us demos.

>>>Cindy brings up that we need to vote on a deadline for the Tax Information. She thinks that the BOD meeting in June would be a good deadline. Joile mentions that Steve will be stepping down at that time and that having at least a rough draft by that time would be suffocate. Joile moves that June 10th be the deadline date for the rough draft of the Tax information. Chris Seconds the motion. It is voted on. The vote is unanimous.

>>>Annette asks if the BOD would like her to head up getting stuff together for the bake sale. No one had a problem with that. She would get stuff together and send Cindy a copy. It was also brought up by both Jolie and Annette that we should list the ingredients so as to show the buyers what is in them. So that they do not have an allergic reaction. Cindy said she would make some brownies. Jolie said she would make four dozen chocolate chip cookies. Annette thanked both of them for their offers.

>>>Cindy voted to adjourn the meeting. Annette seconds the motion. The meeting is adjourned at 12:40 P.m.

B.O.D. Minutes - 2006/3/11

B.O.D. Meeting March 11,2006

Location: The Park
Attendance: Cindy,Chris,Steve,Jeff,Kate, and Annette.
Called to order: March 11, 2006 At 11:50 A.m.

Cindy Called the meeting to order at 11:50 A.m. The business before the BOD today is the position of treasure.

Chris tells us that as the new Monarch he can no longer be treasure. As Alucard is the new Regent he can no longer be an alternate.

Cindy nominates Jeff to be our new treasure. Annette seconds the motion. We vote. The voting is unanimous. Jeff "Mossy" is our new treasure of Pegasus Valley B.O.D.

Steve then brought up the tax exemption and getting Non- Profit status. It was decided that we would talk about it more at the next meeting.

Cindy motioned to adjourn the meeting. Annette Seconds the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 P.m.

B.O.D. Minutes - 2006/2/25

PV BOD Meeting Minutes - February 25, 2006
Contributed by Datura

Location: IHOP on Menaul & Pennsylvania

Attendance: Cindy, Chris, Andrea, Andre, Annette, Steve, Will, Jolie, & Mossy.

Called to order: 12:13 P.M.

Cindy called the meeting to order at 12:13 P.M. She asked Annette to gather everyone’s email address for the B.O.D list.

Will mentions that in December there was a posting asking about Autocrats for Harvest War. Did anyone have ideas on that subject?

Jolie moved to table the discussion of Harvest War until after the “All-thing”. Andrea 2nd the motion. It was voted on. Motion passed unanimously.

Cindy asks about the Audit that Steve had gotten together for the Spring and Autumn Reign. Steve informed us that he submitted it February 15th. It had been looked at and it seemed to be complete. That we were 1.5 persons to low, but that it would not be a problem.

Cindy asks if there is any other business. Chris mentions that if he becomes Monarch that he will have to give up the Treasures position on the B.O.D, and that an Alternate would have to fill the position. Andre brings up that he would also not be eligible as an alternate if he were voted Regent. Redd mentions that he would like to be an alternate, if we need someone to fill that position. Rest is to be decided later, after voting.

Cindy informs us that we will start meeting at “The Park” on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 11:30 A.M. now that it is getting warmer. When it starts getting cold again we will discuss location then. It was brought up that “What if not everyone is there?” Cindy then said that we could shift a week at that time, but that the previous mentioned schedule is what she would like us to stick to.

Cindy motioned to adjourn the meeting. Annette 2nd the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 P.M.

B.O.D. Minutes - 2003/12/20

12/20/2003 Pegasus Valley B.O.D. Meeting Minutes
Pegasus Valley
Board of Directors Meeting
December 20, 2003


Robert Gower
Jeff Moehn
Chris Tillman
Steve Walker
Ben Webb (Late!)

Jaci Bell
Jeff Solmon


Item 1: The minutes of the BOD meeting on 11/8/03 were read and

Item 2: Alleged misappropriation of Duchy Treasury.

Ben sent an email on the subject and the response was read. It was
felt by the BOD that the $40 for starter weapons should be pursued.
The Regent boxes also need to be retrieved. Follow-up action will be
determined at a later BOD meeting.

Item 3: New Waivers

A list of who needs to sign new waivers has been created. Steve will
print a lot of waivers. Ben will enforce signing of waivers.

Item 4: Guildmaster of Reeves.

This matter is resolved, as Chekers volunteered, was approved by the
populace, and passed the Reeves test. Note this was entirely without
undue and inappropriate actions on the part of the BOD. ;-)

Item 5: Automatic payment of P.O. Box.

There is a need to put bank affairs in order first, as far as
requiring two signatures on checks. The P.O. Box has a lower priority.

Item 6: Common Storage Space.

There was much discussion on obtaining a permanent storage space. At
A-1 Storage, Robert was quoted a price of $40/month for a 5x5 storage
room. There is some concern that P.V. would need to provide insurance
on the contents of the unit, and that a storage room might not be
cost effective. Ben will check out prices at his storage facility.
Locating a trailer is still an option. Robert will explore discounts
for non-profit and payment in advance.

Item 7: Dues and tax exemption.

There is a problem in that P.V. is set up as the wrong kind of tax- exempt organization for our purposes. We are currently defined as
a "Sports Club," but we need to have a designation of "Religious or
Educational Organization." There was some question as to whether or
not this is worth the effort. Chris and Steve will research the issue.

Assuming this can be resolved satisfactorily, discussions on member
benefits will follow.

Item 8: Rulebooks

Steve will reprint the Rulebooks in a smaller size. This will allow
printing at a lower cost.

Item 9: Harvest War

Steve has sent a letter to Tim Eiserlee, and has pictures of a
proposed site.

Item 10: Budgeting for Events.

This item is tabled until a later date.

Item 11: Fund Raising.

This item is tables until a later date.

Item 12: Next meeting.

The next meeting is (tentatively) scheduled for 1/3/04, at noon.

Item 13: Mid-Reign expenditures.

There was a motion to approve expenditures for the Church, the site
of the feast. This was approved 5-0. There was a motion to approve
expenditures for awards. This also was approved 5-0. The feast
expenditures were to be covered out of the Duke's 10% discretionary
funds. It was also approved to share proceeds with Santa Fe group
from the lunch/breakfast festivities. This was later approved during
the Althing.

B.O.D. Minutes - 2003/11/8

11/8/2003 Pegasus Valley B.O.D. Meeting Minutes
Pegasus Valley
Board of Directors Meeting
November 8, 2003

Jaci Bell
Robert Gower
Jeff Moehn
Chris Tillman
Steve Walker
Ben Webb (Late!)

Jeff Solmon


Item 1: Formation of the Board of Directors for the Duchy of Pegasus Valley.

A Pro Tempore Board of Directors was proposed consisting of: Jaci Bell, President Rovert Gower, Vice-President
Chris Tillman, Treasurer
Jeff Moehn, Secretary
Steve Walker, Member in Good Standing
Ben Webb, Member in Good Standing
Jeff Solmon, Member in Good Standing

It was decided on a 5-0 vote in favor to have the Pegasus Valley members vote to confirm this board. The dues paid requirement to vote was waived for the vote. At the later Althing, the Board was confirmed unanimously.

Steve Walker is to find out what the BOD responsibilities actually are for next BOD meeting.

Item 2: Investigation into alleged misappropration of the Duchy Treasury.

It appears that some funds may have been inappropriately spent in the past. Various actions were discussed. It was decided at this point to have Ben Webb request repayment by 11/11/03.

Item 3: New waivers.

The old waivers were not as legally binding as thought. A new waiver has been produced by Steve Walker. Steve will identify who needs to sign new waivers by next Board of Directors meeting. New waivers should be signed before mid-reign.

Item 4: Guild Master of Reeves.

The current GM of Reeves has moved down south. We need to have a new GM of Reeves. Steve Walker will find a volunteer.

Item 5: Post office Box automatic payment.

It was discussed to have the payment for the Duchy P.O. Box done electronicly. The cost of the P.O. Box is $38 for 6 months. The vote was 6-0 in favor. Steve Walker will set this up.

Item 6: Storage Space.

There is a great need of a centralized storage area for Duchy good/supplies. The posibilities discussed included a storage space or a trailer. Robert Gower will research and provide information at the next Board of Directors meeting.

Item 7: Dues

Benefits of paying Dues was discussed. These benefits include membership cards, and other benefits for having a tax-exempt status. Steve Walker is pursuing the tax-exempt status. This was tabled until the next Board of Directors meeting.

Item 8: Harvest War

We need an Autocrate and Site for the next harvest war. One possibility is YMCA Camp Shaver. Steve Walker is writing a project proposal for Tim Eiserle for Camp Shaver. The Autocrat remains to be worked out. This will be discussed at the next Board of Directors meeting.

Item 9: Budgetting for Events.

This item has been tabled until the details of Harvest War are more solid.

Item 10: Fund Raising.

This item has been deferred to the next Board of Directors meeting.

item 11: Next Meeting.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be on December 6, 2003.

Last Updated
September 13, 2004


B.O.D. Minutes - 2000/2/2

  • Meeting called to order.
    • Board members in attendance are: Cassandrah, Cutari, Death, Exedor, Glenalth, Theodoxus.
    • Absent: Alucard.
  • Glenalth appointed Secretary of B.O.D.
  • Cutari appointed liason.
  • Theodoxus appointed Treasurer.
  • Some gossiping.
  • Death appointed President.
    • Death calls his first order of business "Look at my cool new tatoo"
    • Everyone agrees, it is very nice.
  • Corporate Report information gathered from BOD members.
    • Glenalth to file the report.
  • New Business / BOD meetings to be held the second Wednesday of every month (except February) at Glenalth & Cassandrah's house starting at 7:00.
    • If there is no business/BOD issues to be discussed at a meeting, the venue changes to Cici's to discuss and eat pizza.
  • Theodoxus and Cassandrah discussed the financial records and the approach of tax day.
    • Quicken data to be given to Theo to help keep everything sync'd and to prepare for the next Dragonspine financial audit in 1 month.
  • Group pager/voice mail discussed.
    • Glenalth to set up for the next 3 months (or whatever trial period we can get) and see how it works.
  • Discussed possible new shire in Santa Fe.
    • Tabled until next BOD meeting.
  • B.O.D. meeting closed.

Althing Minutes

Minutes for Pegasus Valley althing meetings.

Althing Minutes - 7/18/2015

Althing Minutes July 18, 2015
Clan announcement made, gave notice of the tri park meet up with DS proper for our Road Map to Principality/Confederation status with SFM and WS.
A chance was given to the populace for public declarations: None were made.
The date for the next Tri Park meet up was discussed for the end of August to keep from disturbing folks plans for Clan.
Dame Lila announced that she will once again be the Kingdom Food Fight Rep for Dragonspine and also asked for a volunteer for the Local Duchy Rep.
Finally there was an announcement for a vote in 3 weeks (August 8th) for the use of Duchy funds to go towards Coronation Feast.

In service,
Ducal Monarch Lady Amatiel-Cassandra

Other Notes
At Clan it was announced that Lord Bai Hu will be the Local Duchy Rep for Food Fight to start in September.
Due to sudden aquaphobia the Althing to vote for funds for Coronation Feast was post-poned and will happen this Saturday August 15th.
Also, sorry for the delay I got distracted and forgot to post this after the althing was held.

My bad,
Ducal Monarch Amatiel-Cassandra

Althing Minutes 10/4/14

Althing Minutes 10/4

* Peasant Rule
Peasant rule will be enforced starting next weekend (Oct 18th)
Loaner garb will be made available, with priority given to new players
New players may play level 1 without garb if there is no appropriate loaners available

* Class Testing
Class testing is required to level.
The official process for class testing will be voted on at the next Althing.

Suggested process for this month:
1. Demonstrate / explain how abilities gained that level worked to guild master.
2. Guild master corrects anything that was incorrect.

Issues brought up.
1. Guild masters may need to test to level up if they are not 6 yet.
2. Guild masters are not always available for testing.

* Look the Part
As the monarch, I will only be granting Look the Part for any people wearing full garb.
That means nothing obviously modern at a distance should be visible.
If you want it awarded specifically for class portrayal and aren't meeting my requirements, please ask your guild master instead.

* Event Announcements
Maize Maze / Las Cruces Ren Faire will be held Oct 31st - Nov 2nd.
There is no camping at the event, but there is a nearby camp ground and plenty of locals usually willing to allocate floor space. ( )
Pegasus Valley Weaponmaster and Dragonmaster are Nov 22nd, details to be announced
Pegasus Valley Midreign is Dec 13th, details to be announced

* Newsletter
Talifer is requesting articles for the newsletter.

* Other Business
** Balder mentioned that we have been having issues with some players relying too heavily on the loaner weapons and that new players sometimes do not have access.
** A motion was made to excuse officers for attending Maize Maze, which passed
** A motion was made to excuse Belthil for attending Dragonspine Crown Qualifications, which passed.
** Shadydeal brought up that you should not hit people while they are talking to a reeve. So please don't do this.
** Belthil brought up a 3 strikes policy for complaints of people or their weapons hitting too hard.
If you cannot resolve an issue with the player you are fighting, let Belthil know so he can deal with it.

Althing Minutes 11/21/14

Althing Minutes 11/22/2014

  1. Midreign is 3 weeks away. Details to come.
  2. Crown qualifications are in 3 months, details will be posted prior to midreign.
  3. Board of Directors elections for the 2015 term are coming up at the end of the year for anyone that is interested in such things.
  4. Today's Weaponmaster results.
    1st Xion
    2nd Belthil
    3rd Shadowcaster
    4th Tie Alucard, Bai Fhu, Gunny
  5. Bai Fhu was elected as our new Chancellor 8-2.
  6. Amatiel mentioned that ACC would like a volunteers list for the PV booth. Though we may not know who will actually be there, please let Amatiel know if you are interested in helping. Volunteering would be just for the PV booth, but the con can always use help for the clean-up on Sunday.
    Flyers will be needed from all of the area parks.
  7. It looks like most of the group officers will be away next week, but there will still be Amtgard. Come out and kill some people.
  8. Druids vs The World next week.

Althing Minutes 11/8/14

Previous to the althing, Guildmaster of Reeves Shadydeal and Ducal Chancellor Blaze resigned.

  1. All present dues-paid members of the reeve's guild were asked if any of them wished to be the new Guildmaster of Reeves. Balder volunteered and there were no objections from the guild. Balder will be our new protem Guildmaster of Reeves for the reign.
  2. Prime Minister/chancellor elections were to be on the 13th of December. A motion was put forward to the Althing to skip voting in a protem chancellor and to just extend the next term of office so that it begins a few weeks earlier than normal. The motion passed.
  3. GMR Balder will be running elections for chancellor on November 22nd, 3 weeks earlier than normal. Last day to pay dues and declare will be November 15th, next week. (Note: after the althing, board of directors treasurer Styxx has volunteered to collect dues.)
  4. Weaponmaster and Dragonmaster will still be on their already scheduled date of November 22nd.
  5. Two awards were relayed from the United Federation of Planets and the command crew of the USS Dragonspine. An order of the lion to Shadowcaster for his dedication while duke of Pegasus Valley and an order of the rose to Kierra for her efforts in the arena at the Renaissance fair in Las Cruces last weekend.
  6. Albuquerque Comicon is coming on Jan 9-11. Amatiel wants to get our demo equipment improved and make sure that we have lots of nice stuff to show off at the table. A lot of our current players have been recruited from these sorts of events so we need a good-looking presence. There is also an effort started to build a modular arena similar to what Dragonspine has been using.
  7. There is a Greatsword Tournament November 15th. It will be a slashing only tournament and the swords are being supplied by Champion Belthil.
  8. Wyrmspire (Santa Fe) is starting their new reign November 9th and invited people down to play. Anatole offered rides for people that can make it to the train station.
  9. Some people are driving to Stormfall Mesa November 9th to visit. Organization will be via Facebook group.
  10. Bai Fhu brought up the need for better conflict resolution due to the recent blow-up on Facebook. It was agreed that these sorts of things should be handled better, but no real solution was put forward.
    It is important that even if you don't like someone, at least be civil towards them. It's the only way a large group of diverse people like this can actually work and allow everyone to enjoy playing this game.

Althing Minutes 12/6/2014

Althing Minutes for 12/6/2014

  1. Glenalth made a motion to approve $100 to Shadowcaster for the purchase of pizza for next week's midreign feast. The motion failed 2-4.
  2. Midreign feast is on the 13th @ 6PM at Domenici Center, West Building at UNM HSC. Maps and directions will be posted on the website, Facebook, and at the park.
  3. Several people are planning on heading to Wyrmspire (Santa Fe) tomorrow. Details are posted in the threads in the Facebook Group. If you want to take the train, it leaves from downtown ABQ at 8:58 & 1:42 and the return trips leave Santa Fe at 3:27 and 8:12.
  4. An announcement was made that Kira's dad is a butt face. There seemed to be no consensus on this.
  5. The althing was opened up to comments on level testing. The biggest issue is still absent guildmasters. While the GMR has been a potential alternate, there was consensus on allowing any reeve qualified person administer a test if the guildmaster is absent.
  6. Some discussion of dues and what we use them for was had. A motion was made to change dues back to $6 for 6 months instead of the current $10 per 6 months. The motion failed 0-4.
  7. The planned vote to refund overpayment of dues amounts for the last couple of months was discarded as the dues amount was not lowered.
  8. Amatiel reported on Albuquerque Comic Con. We are getting 4x 3 day passes, but we will likely need more. She already plans on purchasing 2 more passes herself. However, if we have a fighting pit we will need more people on hand so that both the booth and the pit can be staffed. A motion was made for the group to fund 2 additional 3 day passes at $40 each if the con allows us a fighting pit/demo area. The motion passed 5-1.
  9. Alucard is running a Toys for Tots tournament next weekend (13th). There will be prizes and coins available to both the winners and sponsors of the winners. To be a fighter or a sponsor you must donate a $5 toy. More information is in the Facebook group and on the website.
  10. This week is the last call for newsletter entries. We always need writing, art, and stuff.

Althing Minutes 2/21/2015

Election Results
Elected Guildmasters:
Archer - Serac
Assassin - Amatiel
Barbarian - Kriv
Druid - Kierra
Healer - Amatiel
Monk - Bai Fhu
Monster - Xantcha
Reeve - Shadowcaster
Scout - Fay
Warrior - Shadowcaster

Vacant Guildmaster positions:

Alucard for Regent
Confidence - 11
No Confidence - 1

Highland Games Stuff
Bids for Highland Games should be modified to take into account multiple tiers of weapons so that we can sell both cheap swords for the masses and premium weapons that are more like the swords we actually use.

Shayleigh says that she has a color laser printer that can be used for printing flyers for Highland Games.

We will need more wristbands for the event, they must be asked for at a committee meeting.

Combined Park Days
Anatole is organizing combined park days, starting at the end of March. Each month the park would change. First up is Stormfall Mesa on March 29th.

Althing Minutes 3/21/2009

Our monarch, Lila von Weiss held an althing on March 21st, 2009.

  1. Alibi Article
    A mention of the Alibi online article was mentioned. It contained several videos and a couple quotes from local park members.
  2. Diplomacy
    Some disparaging remarks were made about other groups in the Alibi article. These sorts of things should not be happening, especially to reporters.
  3. Highland Games
    May 16-17, We have been invited to participate again. We need to come up with a list of activities and fundraisers for this year. In the past we have sold daggers and short swords but will need a group to make more for this year. The archery backdrop and frame need to be replaced due to wind damage at the last Highland Games. Shayleigh has a plan for making a new frame but would like ideas for the new removable backdrop.
  4. Battle of Savages
    Savage Highlands in Ruidoso is holding a camping event in 2 weeks. Glenalth needs passengers for a van trip there. Cost for the event is $5 for feast, camping is free. Gas will likely be $10-12 if there are enough people going.
  5. Weapons Check
    The 1st Saturday of each month will be a weapons check.
  6. Althings
    The 2nd Saturday of each month there will be an Althing at 2:00.
  7. Work Weekends
    Work weekends need to be scheduled for work on the Harvest War site. Please contact Glenalth if you are interested in helping.
  8. Olympiad
    Olypiad is at Harvest War this year.
  9. Role Play Tournament
    Lurker wants to hold an RP tournament in late April.
  10. DS Camping Event
    Dragonspine's upcoming coronation event will be a camping event.
  11. Audit Results
    We have received a second "excellent" rating on our group audit.
  12. Page
    Blaze was asked to be Lila's page and accepted a belt from her.
  13. Recruiting Video
    There is a recruiting video that was posted in the forums on the website. Anyone that is interested in recruiting or running demos should watch it.

Business Meetings

Minutes for various Pegasus Valley business meetings and event planning.

Harvest War Meeting - 2004/5/9

Harvest War Committee Meeting - 5/9/2004

Meeting Started at 7:11PM

In Attendance:
Baronette Alexar
Lord Squire Teleil
Regent Scotia
Squire Riff Raff (secretary)
Lord Walker (presiding)
Lady Squire Kyrie
Marquis Glenalth
Mossi, his wife, and son

Walkers Notes on his white board:

1. Recompence = $40.00/person/day, $20.00/camper, $100,00/counselor

= $ negotiated value of

= 500.00 is the lowest
gto get the price un
less we do a dedicated
task, in which case in
can be free.

These were notes on the white board.

1. No permissive, but burnt cabin is discreet.
2. Fine
3. 50 Cars in parking area
4. May 24-25, May 24, June 5, June 17, Saturdays thruSummer til we com in Aug 23
5. As long as no fire restirct
6. yes
7. see #6
8. No
9. Yes, but no separate fire.

Walker explained that in the work weekend a few weeks ago we managed to knock off about 300$ off the cost of reserving the site for Harvest War.

Walker explained that the cost for the site is 1700$, and there are several ways to lower the price.

Lurker suggested a dedicated task for the lowering of the price.

Event Director/Autocrat: Lord Skywalker
Amtgard Liason: Marquis Glenalth Woodwalke
Cabin-O-Crat: OPEN
Clean-Up Party:
Vice-Autocrat: Kyrie
Bartender: Nightmare
Bouncers: OPEN
Med Director/Chiurgeons: OPEN
Cafeteria: Lord Squire Teleil
East Feast: Regent Scotia
Security: OPEN
Activity: OPEN
Entertainment: Baronette Alexar
Bardic: OPEN
Merchants: OPEN

Highland Games Meeting - 2004/5/9

Highland Games Committee Meeting - 5/9/2004

Meeting started at 6:00PM

In attendance are:
Baronette Alexar (presiding)
Lord Squire Teleil
Regent Scotia
Squire Riff Raff (secretary)
Lord Walker
Lady Squire Kyrie
Marquis Glenalth
Mossi, his wife, and son

We ate pizza until 6:30PM

Highland Games Meeting was brought forth first.

Baronette Alexar explained what the Highland Games were for those who weren't aware.

Baronette Alexar asked Marquis Glenalth to bring his armour, he didn't find any reason not to bring it.

Baronette Alexar asked about having targets for the archery booth.

Lord Walker produced a few plush animals.

Marquis Glenalth suggested that we bring extra nocks and glue for the bows as they will probably be lost.

Lady Squire Kyrie explained that Squire Riff Raff's parents will be loaning her and him a couple tables for the event.

Baronette Alexar explained that people should bring snacks and water as the food there is expensive, although good.

Baronette Alexar explained that fellow Amtgarders should announce at the gate that they are demo'ing with Amtgard. Otherwise there will be a 10$ fee.

Lady Squire Kyrie asked if there will be any garb loaning. Baronette Alexar would like that to occur, but doesn't know who would manage that, she asked Lady Squire Kyrie to do that, she agreed.

Baruka asked Lord Squire Teleil to make him a battle axe, Lord Squire
Teleil said that he didn't have time.

Baronette Alexar asked Lord Walker about loaner weapons, he said that he may not be able to because he was busy with other things.

Question came up regarding management of the cash box during the event. Lord Squire Teleil suggested that there is only one cash box. Baronette Alexar suggested that there be maintained a ledger/receipt for management of the money.

Baronette Alexar explained that the first year that Amtgard did this we almost made money with the archery booth, the second year we didn't charge for archery. This year she wants to do nothing but archery.

Walker asked where we would put the children's tourney. Frenchy suggested that we have the space for that separate from the fighting areas.

Baronette Alexar wants to have criers there announcing Amtgard's presence.

Baronette Alexar said that we have the OK from the Duchy to buy Ice and Shade.

Lurker asked if it would be possible to camp there to reserve the location. Baronette Alexar said that it wasn't necessary, we'll rope off the area the day before to reserve it, but camping there wouldn't be necessary. Walker said that he'd get there EARLY Saturday to ensure that nobody takes our spot.

Lurker suggested that we demo to history classes.

Baronette Alexar asked if there was anything else that needed to be brought up for Highland Games.

Baronette Alexar called a motion to end the meeting. There was no dispute.

Meeting Ended.


An archive of newsletters for the Albuquerque & Santa Fe Amtgard chapters.

Horsefeathers is Pegasus Valley's newsletter.
The Maw is the newsletter of Dragon's Tooth.

I will try to collect as many as I can and post them here. If you have files or hardcopies of any missing newsletters, please send them to Glenalth so they can be archived here.

2013-05 Horsefeathers (PDF)177.84 KB
2013-04 Horsefeathers (PDF)177.17 KB
2013-03 Horsefeathers (PDF)296.8 KB
2013-02 Horsefeathers (PDF)311.34 KB
2013-01 Horsefeathers (PDF)515.88 KB
2012-12 Horsefeathers (PDF)475.28 KB
2012-11 Horsefeathers (PDF)407.38 KB
2012-10 Horsefeathers (PDF)398.98 KB
2012-09 Horsefeathers (PDF)493.53 KB
2012-05 Horsefeathers (PDF)526.31 KB
2009-02 Horsefeathers v17i1 (PDF)2.77 MB
2008-12 Horsefeathers v16i1 (PDF)854.25 KB
2007-09 Horsefeathers (PDF)1.92 MB
2007-08Horsefeathers (PDF)336.28 KB
2007-07 Horsefeathers (PDF)162.3 KB
2007-06 Horsefeathers (PDF)253.32 KB
2007-05 Horsefeathers (PDF)448.61 KB
2007-04 Horsefeathers (PDF)446.81 KB
2007-03 Horsefeathers (PDF)358.18 KB
2004-03 The Maw (PDF)357.98 KB
2001-07 Horsefeathers, Gathering of the Clans Special Edition (PDF)281.95 KB
1999-10 Horsefeathers (PDF)72.36 KB
1998-09 Ork Teef, Harvest War Editon (PDF)150.65 KB
1998-03 Horsefeathers, Midreign Issue (PDF)535.92 KB
1997-11 Horsefeathers (PDF)533.98 KB


Archives of past quarterly reports and event reports.

Quarterly Report - 2004 1st Q

Pegasus Valley Quarterly Report - April 2004

Greetings from the Duchy of Pegasus Valley,

First of all, I would like to congradulate His Royal Majesty Lord Stark I for coming into his new position. I hope everything runs smoothly this reign.

Next, I would like to say that I am sorry for getting back to you so late. After I moved from home to home, everything was thrown out of whack. I have been trying to get my life into some semblance of order and it is almost there. I have started to get records updated again and should have some nice results soon.

Now then, on to the report. The average attendance for each month is as follows:

January - 24
Invasion - 15 showed
February - 18
March - 21
Spring War - 5 showed

The finances at the end of each month is as follows:

January - Bank: $683.41 Cashbox: $314.81
February - Bank: $683.96 Cashbox: $344.81
March - Bank: $559.49 Cashbox: $262.81

The officers are as follows:

Duke - Grand Duke Alucard Draconis
Ducal Consort - Scotia
Ducal Chancellor - Lord Seamus 'Skywalker' O'Neill
Ducal Champion - Eldacar
Guildmaster of Reeves - Master Nagateth (now a Baron)
Marshal - Master Teliel ap Tiefi

The events are as follows:

Coronation - Went over well, 27 people showed. Nagateth was going to going to take the Ducal position and was voted on unanimously, but got a new job and decided to step down at the last moment. Grand Duke Alucard, which we all knew could hold the position fine, took the post.

Newsletter - Our first newsletter in several years was printed and passed out. It was short and sweet and my first try at such a thing. I will be posting it for the perusal of all shortly.

Harvest War - We put together a cleaning day with the curator of the Site and earned some kudos from him. We will be having the event at that site, but there are many more details that need to be worked out. The event will take place August 26-29. Unfortunately, we cannot get the Tynkers to show for the event due to their vacation in New York. We will be having the first HW meeting at 6:00 on May 8. So far the event is scheduled at my home and will be a pizza party. I am not sure if we can crowd into my apartment at this point, so the location is not set in stone, yet.

Highland Games - The annual Celtic Festival at Menaul School will be going down on the weekend of May 8. We have gained quite a name for ourselves there in the past years and many newcomers (Scotia being one of them) have come to us from the event. Alexar is autocratting the event and will be posting more information on the lists.

Fundraising - We are trying to get on TV during a KNME phone drive. KNME is a UNM public brodcasting station that plays various child and science oriented programs. We hope to gain some publicity here.

Shadow - We have narrowed down most of the information concerning the misuse of funds by our previous Duke, Troy Hansen (Shadow) and are just about ready to go public with the results and our verdict. For those of you who have not heard about this, please stand by.

OK, that is about it. Our sponsored shires are already coming forth with their information, even before us, thanks to me. I will be more punctual next time.

Yours in service,
Lord Skywalker


An incomplete timeline of events in Pegasus Valley. Please comment with any further information you have to add.