good morning
im on my journey to amtgard today... 1 car ride 1 mile and 2 busses. so i need a bunch of stuff but im not naturaly creativly incline. i want throwing daggers but nothing in the rule book on how they should look. maby some one could make me some? i also need a non- noob short sword. if any one can mke those ill pay :) life as an assasin starts early end ends early.... so ill be seeing you real soon.


quick recap

my name is benjamin shirey i have lived in abq for 6 years and recently found amt-gard when going to work and i saw a familar but odd sight. it was kaulik waiting for his bus to the weekly gathering. a well dressed gentelman with what appeard to be a bag full of goodies and a shield sure to point anyone in the right direction. ANY way i asked him and it happend to be the same game i played in ohio a few years back just by a diffrent name. i would like to thank kaulik for his recruitment abbiality and most of all his hospitality, which truly makes amtgard enjoyable. ill be ther at taylor park every week for sure! see you in the game!



Gone to Rakis

Be back next week.


Harvest War Donations

We're looking for some donations to use as prizes/loot/merchandise.
Anything that we don't get donations for ends up coming out of the
budget. We're looking for items for a few purposes...

1. Prizes for various games.
Looking for new/unused items to award for prizes.

2. Loots for monsters.
Plastic jewelry, pouches full of rocks, plastic gems, etc..

3. Merchandise for the store.
We're trying something this year. We will have an NPC run general
store that will be buying and selling mundane and quest items during
the event for Pegasus Valley coins. We need some stock to get it
started. We're looking at stocking a small amount of used garb, garb
accessories, golf clubs, weapons, rape traps, extra tent pegs, and
other odds and ends that might be needed at the event.

Send an e-mail to if you want to keep your
donation private.

- Glenalth

Wars and Such

Harvest War planning is going well, except I'm slightly behind on sending out the June advertising e-mail due to being tired from work and typing on a tiny keyboard. The flyer for Rakis isn't done quite yet, but I have arts for it.

We've added a new vendor to the event...

Mystik Wonders

Our store is called Mystik Wonders, and we sell garb ( from fighting tunics to court garb) that I make. My husband does woodwork, including staffs, walking sticks, magic wands, and hair sticks. He also does some wire-wrapped jewelry. We carry a line of fox tails and faces, and sell tee shirts from The Mountain and Skulbone. My son makes boffers, and other Amtgard legal weapons. Our most recent addition is Mana Energy Potions ( a real plus for long battles).
Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you Labor Day Weekend!
Debbie / Darthyra
Don't Dream It, Be It!!!

We've added a new activity to the event...

Most Bitchin' Chair Contest
Make/modify/enhance/destroy a chair and have it judged by a panel of drunks. Only one chair will be declared the "Most Bitchin'".

Other stuff...


The experiments are coming along nicely, with only a few entertaining failures. In a matter of months everything should be in place for the final stage.

Also, that itching in my eye-socket has finally stopped. Turns out there was a beetle living in there. Weird.


I need some, are you interested?

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