Needing help with armor

Having trouble finding brads and riviets that survive battle. Any sugestions?

Crown Qualls Videos up

oh, the newness.

made it to the park on saturday. i don't get off (work, that is. gutterbrains!) 'til 6, but still got to chat for a while with alucard, glenalth, tiwaz, f'lar, his eldest dotter, dalbeth, andrea, and have a personal viewing of The Lor. The Lor is one of my favorite beasties of the Pegasus Valley region.
contributed moolah to the future HW fund, also known as Pie-in-the-face. should be pie-in-the-the-pie-hole.
and now i have an account here. the peasants rejoice.

E-Sam Card Back

Attached is the draft card back for the E-Sam Poker Deck project.

Tonights Project: Clamshell Gauntlets

Decided tonight that I wanted gauntlets, so here's my test piece...

Still need to do strapping and final thumb placement.

New Coat

Working on a new coat, not using any patterns, curious as to how it will turn out.

Hooray for Beta Testing!

The Harvest War Promotional Computer Game completely secret project I'm working on is well underway in the development process, and I'm down to the final stretch in terms of doing work. Over the next few days I'll be having Marcil do lots of beta testing... and then hopefully I will have a finalized product available in a week or two.

Progress List:
Engine ~ 95% done
Graphics~ 90% done
Sound/Music~ 70% done
Story~ 100% done
Levels ~ 3% done

Midreign videos

Thank you to Marcil for taking the videos for me.

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