Russian Tea Cakes

Made some little cookies.

Lifted the original recipe from a web comic.

First I spent a couple hours shelling pinon nuts. I always forget how irritatingly slow that goes.

Rolled some in cocoa powder for the second coating and some in a mixture of powdered sugar and cocoa powder.

Viking Weave

Did a test chain that ended up becoming a small necklace. Used the old pinball machine solenoid coils again. Only 4 knots per rotation to see how it would come out. Ended up having to make a draw plate, which will be good to have. Did a smaller section with 7 that also worked out well.

Also ended up making a set of beaded earrings that I don't have a photo of.

Spear + Shield = Spartan

This blog is about how to master a Spartans weaponry.First we start with the shield .First use the shield close to your body so that you will not get his by throwing weapons.Next get your spear and make a target that is easy to break through.Next practice your accuracy until the target breaks.Next get a short sword and spar with an assassin.Now your ready to kicking some warriors butts. peace.


In Progress List

Trying to keep this up to date with what projects I need to pay attention to so I don't get distracted with something else.

  • Military Coat MK I - Test piece. body is pinned, need to add trim and final stitching
  • Military coat MK II - Rough sketches, bought fabric
  • Wheel Tunic 1 - Not started, bought fabric
  • Wheel Tunic 2 - Not started, given fabric, still need black
  • Leg harness - Leather cut, need to draw out tooling pattern
  • Stonehaven - Need to finish character building and fill it out
  • Stonehaven artwork - Concept sketched out, damn close to what I want the final to look like
  • Book - Materials gathered, need to pick up some glue
  • Ridiculous Chain - Need to find some more wire
  • Belt thingy - Have leather, dye, and ring, need to draw tooling pattern again

Still a lot that I'm missing, but this is a good start.


Dear Amtgarders:

As you may know, Teliel Ap Telfi is dying of bone cancer. As his caregiver, I am informing everyone that he has basically 6-8 weeks to live. As of this writing, he weighs but 135 pounds.

I am getting his funeral arrangements together. The initial plan is to hold a small ceremony for 10-15 people, a party afterwards (all on Teliel) and a burial the following day at the Santa Fe Memorial Cemetery, as he is a US Navy veteran.

If you want to come by and say your goodbyes while he is still living, please feel free to do so. His telephone number is (505) 717-2338 and he would love to see you.

If you want to attend the funeral, please call me at (505) 508-7715 or let me know the next time you see me at the park.

Kaulik Von Aufinger

Image uploads fixed

Image uploads should be working again, or rather the fancy server-side stuff that happens to the images. Was why some of the avatars were huge and why previews/thumbnails for freshly uploaded images weren't showing.

RGV CeltFest 2010

I am coordinating the 2010 RGV CeltFest Children's Activities Tent and Children's Parade. I would like to get in touch with whoever organizes AMTGARD events; We love you; your "Fight A Knight" activity from past festivals is PERFECT located near our "Castle Cardboard", and I would like to include AMTGARD in our planning, preparations, signs and promotions. I would also like to invite your group to participate in the "Children's Parade", held mid-afternoon each day of the festival. The parade has a special section of marchers representing the "Celtic Imagination" (Story Land?)- THAT PART SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN, THAT IS... and a "Royal Procession" by AMTGARD would be just the thing! The 2010 Celtic Festival will be May 15 & 16 at Balloon Fiesta Park. Thanks!


Help Please!!! Legalities and all

hey ok, this may sound stupid, but I can't seem to find it in the rule book, so here it is: I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me what would be legal for a knife/dagger and/or a double bladed/single bladed Staff, not spear(though technically...), an actual staff used for things other than fighting, and what materials could be used (wooden broom handle,PVC piping, shaved fun noodle, duct tape, ect...) to make it legal. Seriously, though, I am learning that it may be impossible for me to relearn basic swords, and spears are too (insert whatever here) for me, but I am pretty good with a staff and knives, so yeah, lemme know!!!

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