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Clan 2008 Flooding

Photo by Ivar.

To start, I hate mornings and I have difficulty sleeping in a tent while it is raining (tent on left in photo above). Every 10-30 minutes or so I would be startled awake by the noise and flip on my flashlight to make sure the tent wasn't leaking onto my sleeping bag and mat. This is pretty much how my evening went since I went to bed sometime after midnight.


I'm at Harvest War, where is everyone?

I'm finally moved in. Lack of posting in the last week was because of lack of internets. I'm mostly unpacked and have my computer up and running but I still need to set up my workshop, so no new equipment/stuff for Clan this year.

If anyone needs to get in touch with me, my message number is 505 680-2471. My cell phone is still active, but I can't check my messages unless I'm near civilization.

If anyone decides to come up to the site before Harvest War to do some work, let me know. I'll be up here pretty much any day except during Clan.


PV Newbie Guide

I'm working on a simple newbie guide that covers everything that you would need to know for your first month out at the park.


  • Before you come out
  • Your first day
  • Making a weapon
  • Making garb

The framework is up:

Suggestions are welcome and comments are enabled on the individual pages for suggestions.

Bread Log

Tried making more breads. Turns out that juice seems to work just fine in the previous recipe I mentioned.

Black raspberry juice was good even though the juice was quite old had fermented a bit.

Used red creme soda and some of the new "undercover" Sierra Mist and they both turned out ok. Can't really taste the flavor of either of them, though the dye in the red creme soda made the dough look like bubble gum.

Have some grape juice to try out next, I have the feeling that it will be very similar to the grape soda bread. There is also a random bottle of beer that I will try at some point.

Now I have to get my rules change/clarification stuff done so there can be at least a little discussion on them.

Construction Guide Restart

The Construction Guide is still in progress, but I need some of the features of the new site to make it work right. The idea is to have a constantly updated document that can be displayed/printed in it's entirety or in sections. While most people would likely just use the site as a reference, PDFs would be generated based on what you needed. That way you could print out a 100 page book covering everything to have on hand at A&S meetings, a 30 page weapons construction guide that the Champion might want to have on hand, or just 2 pages on how to make a noodle + pvc sword to hand out to the new kids. At this point I need to get the system in place so the data can start being added.

The new site is up and running so that's part way there anyway.

Also, it still needs a name. "Arms & Equipment Guide" has been thrown out there a few times but I don't think it captures the flavor.

Sword Frogs

Made a couple sword frogs today and made some patterns for other things.

Still need to add a bit of dye to the edges. Thinking that they'll be about $4 each for the plain versions like these. Going to do a fancy one next.


African Throwing Knives

One of my upcoming projects due to sheer ridiculousness. Attached a couple example images for future reference.

Also doing a kunai so I have another small throwing dagger.

New belt pouch, same as the old pouch.

Just finished a new belt pouch. Used the old one for a pattern so it looks remarkably similar but without 15+ years of use worn into it. The only real difference is that this one has an actual strap attached to the back for hanging on a belt instead of slots cut directly into the pouch.

Hooray for webcams.

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