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Carpool for events

I want to get folks to events this year and I have use of a "big-ass" van to help. It is a 12 passenger van for a group that packs light and a 9 passenger van when you need to pack heavy. There is a roof rack for gear with canvas bag to keep small items from blowing around and a trailer hitch if we need to tow something, through gas costs might go up a bit in that case.

If there is interest in doing such things I'll start taking reservations soon :)

Estimated gas costs per person...

Harvest War 2009 Bid

I am presenting this as a bid for the team of Glenalth and Lurker to run Harvest of Souls War 14.

...Bid attached...


A truck with 240 bales of hay arrived today and are now stacked neatly in a pile. Since it is winter and the animals cannot forage effectively, the hay will be gone in 30 days. Just in time for another truck to show up and repeat the stacking.

I don't mind it so much, but it is super irritating to have bits of hay in your throat, nose, eyes, and other places afterward.



Too much damn snow.



May have killed some sort of dragon a few times today.

I now have 277 gold for this reign's quests.

Also, Druids rock.

In Town

I'm in Albuquerque this weekend for Amtgard stuff. Wanted to come in for A&S and Fighter Practice but ended up being delayed by the local (Cuba) DMV shortening their hours and then Columbus Day. Stupid Columbus.

At least I'll get to stab people on Saturday, and I do plan on stabbin'.

Look, it's me stealin WI-FI :)

In other news the workshop is all set other than building a bench. I did find an old metal covered table that will work for a workbench top. It's a bit deeper and shorter than I wanted, but it should work fine. Found a small and tall table that I can use for bolting tools down to so it can take up the extra space that I'll have from having a shorter bench.


New Workshop

In the process of setting up a new workshop.

Partway through stripping the old carpet.

Still to do...
Put in new flooring
Design and build workbench
Build shelves/bins for storage
Build anvil stand
Build stand for dishing stump
Build armor stand/form
Unpack my tools

Should be all set for...
Leather work (tooling and armor mainly)
Sewing (2 sergers and an industrial sewing machine)
Dyeing Area (primarily for my sisters cashmere)
Stained Glass (my brothers work)
Amtgard weapon construction

Clan 2008 Flooding

Photo by Ivar.

To start, I hate mornings and I have difficulty sleeping in a tent while it is raining (tent on left in photo above). Every 10-30 minutes or so I would be startled awake by the noise and flip on my flashlight to make sure the tent wasn't leaking onto my sleeping bag and mat. This is pretty much how my evening went since I went to bed sometime after midnight.


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