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Tonights Project: Clamshell Gauntlets

Decided tonight that I wanted gauntlets, so here's my test piece...

Still need to do strapping and final thumb placement.

New Coat

Working on a new coat, not using any patterns, curious as to how it will turn out.

Gone to Rakis

Be back next week.


Harvest War Donations

We're looking for some donations to use as prizes/loot/merchandise.
Anything that we don't get donations for ends up coming out of the
budget. We're looking for items for a few purposes...

1. Prizes for various games.
Looking for new/unused items to award for prizes.

2. Loots for monsters.
Plastic jewelry, pouches full of rocks, plastic gems, etc..

3. Merchandise for the store.
We're trying something this year. We will have an NPC run general
store that will be buying and selling mundane and quest items during
the event for Pegasus Valley coins. We need some stock to get it
started. We're looking at stocking a small amount of used garb, garb
accessories, golf clubs, weapons, rape traps, extra tent pegs, and
other odds and ends that might be needed at the event.

Send an e-mail to if you want to keep your
donation private.

- Glenalth

Wars and Such

Harvest War planning is going well, except I'm slightly behind on sending out the June advertising e-mail due to being tired from work and typing on a tiny keyboard. The flyer for Rakis isn't done quite yet, but I have arts for it.

We've added a new vendor to the event...

Mystik Wonders

Our store is called Mystik Wonders, and we sell garb ( from fighting tunics to court garb) that I make. My husband does woodwork, including staffs, walking sticks, magic wands, and hair sticks. He also does some wire-wrapped jewelry. We carry a line of fox tails and faces, and sell tee shirts from The Mountain and Skulbone. My son makes boffers, and other Amtgard legal weapons. Our most recent addition is Mana Energy Potions ( a real plus for long battles).
Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you Labor Day Weekend!
Debbie / Darthyra
Don't Dream It, Be It!!!

We've added a new activity to the event...

Most Bitchin' Chair Contest
Make/modify/enhance/destroy a chair and have it judged by a panel of drunks. Only one chair will be declared the "Most Bitchin'".

Other stuff...

Sleepy, but nearly done...

Fancy new images on the Harvest War site now. Still some more headings to decorate and such, but that's it for tonight.

Now I have to get some sleep so I can drive in to town tomorrow and do some grocery shopping so I can spend the day after that baking breads.

Clay for the Castle

Went and found some clay for building a tiny castle.

I pulled it from a pile from excavating the still incomplete upper well housing. Was able to make coils straight out of the pile so I have high hopes for this stuff.

Just started soaking it so I can get the plant matter and small rocks out of it with a screen. Then I get to dry it out a bit, flatten it into nice big slabs and cut tiny, tiny bricks out of it.

Once i have all of my tiny, tiny bricks I get together with Dandan and a few of his books and we do a tiny test oven (horno style), a tiny gatehouse, and tiny wall section to see if any obvious problems pop up.

ArtRage Digital Paint

So I've been obsessed with this ArtRage software for the last 24 hours or so.

There is a free starter edition at the site. It has all the basic tools you need and does a damn good job at emulating placing paint on a surface. Full version is a whopping $25 and includes extras like importing stencils, extra modes for the painting tools, metallic paints, and dumping paint straight from the tube (you can even make your own little mixing tray and do it the old-fashioned way).

Here's what I've been up to with it in the last 24 hours anyway.

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