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Meeting of Nobles

I am having a Nobles meeting on Wednesday, March 7th at 5:30pm at the IHOP on Menaul and Pennsylvania. If you are a noble, I respectfully request your presence.

Yours in Service,

Duchess Dru-Kara

February 2012 Crown Qualifications Results

February, 11 2012

First, I want to thank Regent Tesare for her hard work over the weekend. She compiled the relevant information and worked tirelessly with the judges. Thank you, judges and reeves for your work as well: Glenalth, Tiwaz, Nacoochee,Shayleigh, Styxx, Dakkenly, Ragnar, Kit, Marcil, and Shadydeal.

Regent Tesare has provided me with the following information for distribution on all lists.

Congratulations to Fu, Alucard, Shadow, and myself for qualifying for Hydras which automatically qualifies us for the respective offices we are seeking. Congratulations to Bjorn for qualifying to run for Champion.

During our Crown Qualifications, it was our honor to host Kingdom visitors who graced us with their presence: Randall, Francis, Lurker, Azwyn, and Cyrule.

There were 74 Arts & Sciences entries. From the look of the scores, there are certainly some talented members of our populace that will receive appropriate accolades and awards at our upcoming Masquerade Coronation on March 11th.

June 2011 BOD meeting and Comic Expo

No BOD meeting this month. Next month's BOD meeting will be on July 16, 2011. Tomorrow, we are supporting the park and the Comic Expo at the ABQ Convention Center.

Yours in Service,


Peace Again in the Land

Thank you, my friends for coming to my aid. Sir Alucard was clever to gather a third faction to protect the Duchy's lands (as a landholder, I clearly see his efforts to increase his holdings). Although not specifically loyal to the Duke, this third faction and the Duke successfully pushed our rebels into my castle where we were soundly defeated in combat. Fear not, my loyal friends, for your efforts were not in vain. The Duke and I have had an opportunity to intimately discuss my party's surrender. We will continue to take these discussions "under cover" to prevent further turmoil in the land. Suffice it to say, none of my followers will face the gallows or the stocks; however, I may have to continue the remainder of my.... I mean, the Duke's reign as his consort.

Mistress Dru-Kara

Dear Duke (for now) F'lar Starfire,

If I were you, I would watch my steps carefully. You have grown too comfortable in the position of power that I have allowed you to enjoy. If you continue in your insolence, I will have you tossed in the dungeon and I will assume control of the Duchy's land and fortune. I have already begun to assemble my army and my allies. Do you yield, or will you grow a spine and fight?


Duchess by Succession, Regent Drū-Kära

Pegasus Valley Crown Qualifications Results (020511)

We had 31 entries for the Arts & Sciences portion of Crown Qualifications (not counting the strategic gaming events). Alucard is the A&S Champion of the Crown Qualifications with 9 first place entries, and 1 second place entry. F’lar came in second with 5 first place entries, 2 second place entries, and 1 third place entry. Lurker came in third with 3 first place entries, 2 second place entries, and 3 second place entries. Outstanding entries with perfect scores were Alucard’s Macaroons and Kaulik’s original instrumental song, “Teliel’s song”.

In the Strategic Gaming, we had 9 participants in the Chess Tournament; we had 9 participants in the Hearts Tournament; and we had 8 participants in the Cribbage Tournament. In the Chess Tournament, Filkus took first place with second place finish by Lurker and with honorable mentions for Kaulik and Achilos. In the Hearts Tournament, F’lar took first place with second place finish by Mossy and third place finish by Alucard. In the Cribbage Tournament, Mossy took first place with second place finish by Trey the Destroyer and with honorable mentions for Alucard and Lurker.


Remember, today is the last day to pay dues so that you can vote in next week's Crown elections.

Albuquerque Comic Con

I'm curious if there are people who would like to volunteer at the ABQ Comic Con on 1/15. I'm thinking that we could be generally helpful and we could pass ourselves off as Order of the Stick characters. :)


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