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Reign 50 Declaration

Greetings everyone,

I will be running for the position of regent for the quickly approaching 50th reign of Pegasus Valley.

I don't have a lot to say about plans for the reign at this time, but since we are one of the largest chapters in the game (#1 over the past six months) I want to start pushing towards being one of the best looking chapters as well. This is going to include several garb and equipment workshops as well as exchanges and plunder games so that people can pick up items outside of their own specialties easier.

Vote early, vote often, vote Glenalth.
Actually don't do those first two, that could be bad. Do remember to pay your dues though.

- Glenalth

Dun Draoneach

Starting a new site for my A&S posts, Dun Draoneach at

Winter is Coming

Will you be prepared?
Hard days are ahead for Pegasus Valley.

Due to the recent vampirism outbreak, the usual patrols and purges of the neighboring goblin, orc, and giant tribes have been suspended. These monsters have been unchecked and wreaking havoc on the outskirts our great Duchy for months now. The losses of both people and territory have been enormous. We will shortly be overrun if this is allowed to continue.

Just this morning I was speaking with a child that lost both of his parents to an attack. Before I could find the identity of the attackers the poor child succumbed to his injuries. These monsters must be put down before more atrocities take place.

I will raise a new militia to augment our faltering patrols and personally lead our brave citizens to victory. Equipment will be provided to outfit our citizens without the means to equip themselves. I will open up the Pegasus Valley armory and distribute the wealth of magic items and locked away magics that have gone unused in this time of great need.

I pledge to do everything in my power to rid Pegasus Valley of these dangerous creatures. The first step is to declare my intention to run for Duke of Pegasus Valley.

By giving me your vote, we can make Pegasus Valley a safe place to live once again.

Be weary, there are dangers everywhere,
Duke Glenalth Woodwalke, Defender of the Black Dragon and Knight of the Flame
575 680 2471 or

Scrap Armor Studded Greaves

How to get rid of some leather scraps and wind up with something useful...

Building a Helm - Pt 1: Pattern Making

I was contemplating a new project and happened to be reading through the play test document for V8. I spotted was a nice little +1 bonus to torso armor for wearing a helm. I was intrigued and had never made a full helmet before, so here is part one on making a leather helm for Amtgard combat. This guide covers basic pattern making and applies to just about any sort of leather armor.

Russian Tea Cakes

Made some little cookies.

Lifted the original recipe from a web comic.

First I spent a couple hours shelling pinon nuts. I always forget how irritatingly slow that goes.

Rolled some in cocoa powder for the second coating and some in a mixture of powdered sugar and cocoa powder.

Viking Weave

Did a test chain that ended up becoming a small necklace. Used the old pinball machine solenoid coils again. Only 4 knots per rotation to see how it would come out. Ended up having to make a draw plate, which will be good to have. Did a smaller section with 7 that also worked out well.

Also ended up making a set of beaded earrings that I don't have a photo of.

In Progress List

Trying to keep this up to date with what projects I need to pay attention to so I don't get distracted with something else.

  • Military Coat MK I - Test piece. body is pinned, need to add trim and final stitching
  • Military coat MK II - Rough sketches, bought fabric
  • Wheel Tunic 1 - Not started, bought fabric
  • Wheel Tunic 2 - Not started, given fabric, still need black
  • Leg harness - Leather cut, need to draw out tooling pattern
  • Stonehaven - Need to finish character building and fill it out
  • Stonehaven artwork - Concept sketched out, damn close to what I want the final to look like
  • Book - Materials gathered, need to pick up some glue
  • Ridiculous Chain - Need to find some more wire
  • Belt thingy - Have leather, dye, and ring, need to draw tooling pattern again

Still a lot that I'm missing, but this is a good start.

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