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good morning
im on my journey to amtgard today... 1 car ride 1 mile and 2 busses. so i need a bunch of stuff but im not naturaly creativly incline. i want throwing daggers but nothing in the rule book on how they should look. maby some one could make me some? i also need a non- noob short sword. if any one can mke those ill pay :) life as an assasin starts early end ends early.... so ill be seeing you real soon.


quick recap

my name is benjamin shirey i have lived in abq for 6 years and recently found amt-gard when going to work and i saw a familar but odd sight. it was kaulik waiting for his bus to the weekly gathering. a well dressed gentelman with what appeard to be a bag full of goodies and a shield sure to point anyone in the right direction. ANY way i asked him and it happend to be the same game i played in ohio a few years back just by a diffrent name. i would like to thank kaulik for his recruitment abbiality and most of all his hospitality, which truly makes amtgard enjoyable. ill be ther at taylor park every week for sure! see you in the game!



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