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Rulebook 7.6 -- What's New

Here is a compilation of the ratified changes and clarifications to the Rules of Play from Clans 2009 and 2010. They have been placed in the order in which their subject matter appears in the rulebook, then subordered by ratification year then by voting order.


Unofficial Dor Un Avathar 8.2 in RTF format

This format is made available for folks to edit and update the work in future if need be.

(Note: this file's read-only attribute bit is set, to prevent accidental editing of the original. It is good practice to make a second destructible copy of the file if you intend to do some editing.)

Unofficial Dor Un Avathar "8.2"

I wanted to see what a Rulebook 7.5-compatible version of the Dor Un Avathar 8.1 might look like, so I made one. If you feel it would be useful, have fun with it.

DUA 8.1 ver. 2009 - compact edition

This reformat of 8.1 'compresses' all the monster entries where possible and omitting factual origins, in order to reduce the number of pages.

DUA 8.1 reformat

As with the current publicly-available RTF of DUA 8.1, this version is text-only. It includes a table of contents and some layout reformatting: individual monsters are limited to one page where practical and each one appears on its own page to facilitate printing individual pages as monster handouts.

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