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I've installed some new anti-spam measures. If you're having issues send me an e-mail.

Image uploads fixed

Image uploads should be working again, or rather the fancy server-side stuff that happens to the images. Was why some of the avatars were huge and why previews/thumbnails for freshly uploaded images weren't showing.


Just updated a lot of the code for the site. Let me know if anything is not functioning properly.

Site Maintenance

The site was just moved to a new server so a few functions will not work properly for up to 24 hours (primarily file uploads and the like).

Amtgard 7 should be functioning correctly for now. Amtgard Armorers Guild and the new Amtgard Event Calendar are under construction, though they are still quite a way from being done.

If you notice any strange errors, send a message to

Site is Ready for content.

New site is more or less ready to go.

Thursday or Friday I'm going to start pulling all the content I have onto the new site. Once it's all done I'm shutting down the old one so please let me know if you have any problems with the new site.

Still waiting for a gallery module to be finished so that mass uploads will be possible. Once I have that, the fancy new theme will be made, but the default one will work for now. Once those are in place, the Armorers Guild is next on the list.


Think I figured out the issue with the auto-promotion on the blogs. They should stay on your own page until they are promoted to the front page by someone in the "content creator" user group.

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