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New as of March 2017 Rules of Play
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Reign 50 Declaration

Greetings everyone,

I will be running for the position of regent for the quickly approaching 50th reign of Pegasus Valley.

I don't have a lot to say about plans for the reign at this time, but since we are one of the largest chapters in the game (#1 over the past six months) I want to start pushing towards being one of the best looking chapters as well. This is going to include several garb and equipment workshops as well as exchanges and plunder games so that people can pick up items outside of their own specialties easier.

Vote early, vote often, vote Glenalth.
Actually don't do those first two, that could be bad. Do remember to pay your dues though.

- Glenalth

Comet Item Rules

Pieces of the comet can be found in many places, are often rewards for quests, and are available in the Tradewings shop. Essences come in six types, Spirit, Death, Flame, Air, Water, and Earth. Essences must be captured by a team.

Making Items

The town sage will assist adventurers in imbuing power into your item, but you need three things. The first is an item that is large enough to contain the power (25 square inch minimum). The second is a captured elemental essence that has been deposited in the town sage’s vault. Finally you will need enough pieces of the comet’s tail to power the ritual to bind it all together.

Items can then be further upgraded two additional times. You can mix different essence types to customize your own item. This third tier of item can also gain powerful artifact level abilities if specialized recipes are followed. Comet imbuements may also be moved into a new item at the expense of more comet pieces.

Officers for Reign XLIX

  • Monarch: Balder Lance Stroke
  • Regent: Alucard Draconis
  • Champion: Dominus
  • Heir Apparent: Kierra Tul
  • Guildmaster of Reeves: TBD

Guildmasters Needed

Greetings denizens of the valley, the forty-ninth reign of Pegasus Valley is almost upon us.

While our officers have been selected for the next reign, the class guildmaster positions remain open and will be filled on Saturday. These are good entry-level leadership positions if you have been thinking about running for office but aren’t sure if you are ready yet.

Our guildmasters are needed to help new players get outfitted for battle, ensure players know the rules of their class, and to promote their class. Guildmasters are not required to be level 6, but they do need to understand how the abilities of their class work at every level. Anyone that is interested should take a look at what is expected of guildmasters.

Required Duties:
❧ Helping new guild members learn the class and performing level tests.
❧ Maintaining class equipment for new guild members to use.
❧ Encouraging guild members to have garb and equipment for the class.
❧ Helping guild members follow the rules of the class.
❧ Helping to determine if a guild member qualifies for the look-the-part bonus.
❧ Recommending guild members for Paragon titles.


I declare my intent to run for monarch of Pegasus Valley.

This reign will give players the opportunity to form adventuring parties and facilitate character and player growth as well as develop teamwork skills, and knowledge of the game though in game experiences in dungeon and role play scenarios. Players in Pegasus valley will be faced with gruelling challenges, but for those who face these tests great treasure may await.

Marquis Squire Balder Lance Stroke

Rules Update

This just in from Medryn and the rules revision crew:

"Hi Folks. My apologies for this taking so long. We are finally done with the rulebook revisions, and I am pleased to present Amtgard V8 Ides of March Edition.
We will have a change log to post shortly, but all major errata and clarifications should now be in the text of the book along with the common misconceptions guide.
Happy gaming!"


Balder Public Declaration for Office

I, Balder Lance Stroke declare my intent to take the office of Champion of the Duchy of Pegasus Valley by rite of combat. Any who oppose this declaration will be tested in their skill at arms.
-Marquis Squire Balder Lance Stroke

Rules Changes 2016

Some updates to the rules that were passed at the Circle of Monarchs meeting. Errata sheets and new rules should be available soon.

As a reminder, since it is past 30 days from the COM meeting, the following Rules changes are fully in effect:


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